Hi, I've had the same symptoms for over 6 months now, I haven't left the house once I'm deeply depressed and my anxiety is sky high, I'm 17 and have a whole life ahead but it just seems to be getting tougher to cope with. I went to the toilet 2 days ago for a poo and there was a lot of blood not in the poo itself but all down the toilet and in the water, I also went to the toilet yesterday for a poo and the same thing occurred. And today, is this something I should worry about? Please help me before I lose my mind..

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  • Book and see your gp to make sure. The more informed you are the better it can help your anxiety.

  • Okay thank you!!

  • Yes, you really need to go and speak to your doctor. It's the quickest way to get sorted out.

    If you think you'll find it hard to speak to your doctor just write down what you've told us and give it to the doctor to read.

    Your doctor will ask you a few questions and maybe ask to have a look. You can take someone with you or ask for a chaperone.

    It could be something quite simple like haemorrhoids but there's no way of knowing without seeing your doctor and it's better to do it soon then let us know how things go.

  • Don`t panic and try and relax. See the Doc soon as. Sounds like a burst haemorrhoids ( piles ) this is very common when you are pooing a lot. They build up in the bum then sometimes burst to release the blood pressure. If your sure it`s not blood in the poo then don`t worry but the Doc will check that out. Ask the doc for something to calm the stress that won`t help. Stress is IBS in poo form. Hope you get sorted and you will. All the best.

  • As with what others are saying, I too recommend making an appointment with your doctor and explain what's happening. Also try not to panic because as others have said, it could be something as simple as hemorrhoids, either or both internal or external. If it's fresh blood, the water turning red, it could be the hemorrhoids bursting.

    Personally I've on several occasions have gone to the bathroom and afterwards the water was red and at first I panicked but made an appointment with my doctor. After being tested, it was hemorrhoids bursting as others have said. So on occasion I still find this but my doctor after testing has told me to relax and there was no blood in the stool itself it's the hemorrhoids. That and if I was finding myself constipated which can cause hemorrhoids from straining, to take something like an over-the-counter product to help gently go regularly.

    The other thing I would like to address is your depression. You said, "I haven't left the house once I'm deeply depressed and my anxiety is sky high, I'm 17 and have a whole life ahead but it just seems to be getting tougher to cope with." My question is, is your depression because of your above mentioned symptoms or is there something else causing your depression? Being 17 can be a stressful time of your life with so many changes as you navigate the teen years. If this is where your stress is or even if it's something else, this too is something I would definitely talk to someone about. It can be your doctor, I would recommend but it could also be a local mental health clinic. But please if you are having such a difficult time or just need an objective listener, please don't be afraid to seek someone who can help you navigate any issue you may be having. There are many ways one can use to help you cope with the many things going on in ones life.

    The great thing is something you said, whether it's depression or finding the cause and treatment for the bleeding, is that you're 17 and you have your whole life ahead of you. Being 17 can be scary at times, but there is so much to enjoy at that age and to look forward to. I look forward to us hearing back from you and to hear how you are doing. Take care.

  • Thank you! And the depression started around 6 months ago when I started getting the symptoms. But thank you this really did help, I will book in to see the gp soon as I can!

  • Off to the doctor with you

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