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Worried, bowel problem (tried not to be too detailed, sorry!)

I've had radically differing bowel movements in the past four or five days, ranging from rampant diarrhoea to no motion at all and now today, soft v loose stools, gurgling and pressure in abdomen and persistent feeling of something being "stuck " under right ribs. I have eaten and drunk the usual spoils over Christmas but I didn't go mad exactly with alcohol, a couple of units, max 4 a day over a couple of days but that's about it. I've been having a lot of dyspepsia and over the past couple of days a little nausea, I'm going to try to see a gp today or tomorrow. Anyone else had this? I'm sure I'm not alone, could it just be the after effects of Christmas over indulgence?

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I've had the flatulence and rib discomfort-which can make ribs feel quite sore) since Christmas


Hi I cant drink at all with IBS/D-it brings it on and if you have had very loose stools then, you wont get anymore for a while. It could be a bug also.

Very Best Wishes


thanks, i saw my gp and she thinks it could be gallstones! she's given me omeprazole 20mg daily which has helped with the top end but still getting the discomfort under the ribs and had shoulder pain also, will hopefully settle itself, if not I have to have a scan [according to gp]

hope your symptoms are settling


Hi I had a couple of scans for gallstones; its a quick test but it came back neggative.

Mine was not as bad as yours though and there is lots that can be done.

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Thanks, had pain round right side and back today, trying to stick to low fat diet, going to phone gp surgery tomorrow to get an appointment


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