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Anyone ever had stomach acid from reflux enter their lungs?


Hey all, been on and off here over the past 3-4 months and still not gotten anywhere with my NHS and private doctors!

I'm sill having absolutely awful breathing problems 4 months down the line with no end in sight. Had every test under the sun, spirometry, chest x-ray, CT scan, heart echo. Had a scope last month (still awaiting biopsy results) and have manomatry next week but nothing has come out. For all intents and purposes, I'm perfectly fine and healthy.

Obviously, the first response would be 'it's all in your head' but it isn't. I can assure anyone who asks. Right now, I'm almost gasping, I've done some walking this morning and feel exhausted. I got out of breath having a shower this morning. I'm also 37.

I have definite stomach/gastro issues. Symptoms of reflux, chest 'fullness', gassy, bloated, having to eat a gluten free diet at the moment and I'm even having some problems eating some gluten free foods.

I have a whole load of problems going on, I've been off work over 2 months but my main issue is still breathing issues.

So basically, my question is: have any of you guys/girls had reflux that has led to stomach acid entering your lungs? I'm at a loss at the moment, so many things have been ruled out but there's a definitive link because each time I eat something really carby or a big meal my breathing gets so much worse.

I - rather stupidly - had a few drinks with my wife over the weekend. From the following day up to now my breathing has been chronic. Just can't find any explanation and it's really starting to wear me down.

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Have you done an endoscopy ? And a stress test ?

When I walk, I get bloated and can’t breathe.

Seems mad to me that nobody has suffered with this before.

Not that I'm saying that's what I have, but would just be good to find somebody who has and compare symptoms to see if they're similar.

Banging my heads against brick walls here now..

Very similar to me really but all my probs seem to come from under n around left rib after I lifted a heavy trash bag few weeks after I have pain n then acid reflux thick lump in throat was told I had gastritis but that was after first ultrasound was given omperazole 20mg I've had breathing difficulties since which is now 15m approx I even ended up taken to hosp with the pain they did X-ray chest. It was clear bloods clear. Don't understand how I can be in pain pressure pain as if something is bursting to come out I feel like Incredible Hulk stomach is huge. The pain went into left shoulder blade that has subsided but pressure is now coming into middle near tummy button into my back breathing is awful when I walk or bend down it feels as if I can't get enough air in, if I go on ten min walk I have to stop as exhausted I'm booked for ultrasound in 3 days time praying it's not the big C I'm a non smoker n non drinker

Forgot to say terrible gas.

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