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Questran from GP?

I have read a lot about Questran recently and wonder whether people have had it from their GPS or only through a specialist?

My GP is very disinterested and just tells me to use loperamide bought over the counter, despite this being of limited help. I have had daily D for 5 years, usually 5-10 episodes before 8am every day and more irregular bouts during the day and night. I'm exhausted, frequently nauseous and feeling very low.I don't have flare ups, every day is the same. A previous doctor prescribed amitryptiline which worked for a while and I had mebeverine to no effect. I have a very plain diet, excluding all the common triggers but this does not help. I do yoga and exercise every day to manage stress. I feel I am really trying to help myself.

I am nervous about asking about Questran since I don't think he takes IBS seriously and I don't know if GPs prescribe it much anyway. I have never been referred on or had investigation other than a blood test, so I am trying to come up with new ideas. I would be really grateful to know of other people's experience.

Thanks very much

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My husband is in his early 60s and has early onset crohns (diagnosed when he was at uni). His gastroenterologist prescribed nightly questran decades ago and his gp has been supplying it on repeat prescription ever since. Sometimes the dispensary replaces it with a generic version. I suspect you'll need a gastroenterologist to prescribe questran initially. 🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


You need to get a second opinion because IBS is not the only bowel disease and you need hospital tests to get a proper diagnosis


I totally agree with cricketqueen, you need further tests. I had a Endoscopy and Colonoscopy to rule out other diseases before I was diagnosed with IBS. I am lucky enough though to have a very good doctor.

If possible, I would also seek another doctor and if this isn't possible contact NHS direct and say you are receiving very little help from your doctor and can then suggest anything.

Best of luck


It was Professor Read who suggested that I take Questran several years ago. I told my GP who happily prescribed it for me and I have been having repeat prescriptions ever since. It makes a lot of difference to my life!


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