Can Tap Water cause IBS to flair up?

hi guys. ive been diagnosed with IBS I've also quid smoking which could also cause IBS to flair up. But could tap water cause IBS to flair up/ Upset stomach? reason why I'm asking is earlier on i was fine then i went into the kitchen to get a drink i drink a lot more water now. but when i drank the water from the tap 20 mins later my stomach just turned and i was in a lot of pain now could this be caused by the water? any ideas guys? Bottled water seems to be fine i can drink bottles and bottles of that but the tap water seems to be different.

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  • I find that whenever I go to Canada the tap water makes me feel ill so what you're saying is entirely plausible. There's no harm in not drinking tap water (as long as you're still drinking other water and not supplementing it with alcohol!). The scientist in me, though, would be interested to know whether you had the same effect if you didn't know you were drinking tap water...

  • hi patientj thanks for you reply. i guess its the stuff they put it in that our stomach doesn't agree with. So what I've done is boiled the water in the kettle and put it in a job waiting for it to cool down then putting it in the first then seeing if that helps.

  • A woman at my work regularly drinks tap water everywhere, but for some reason the tap water from work wrecks her guts. No idea why.

    Water bugs me only if I drink it too fast

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  • I only drink filtered water at home and bottled water when away, even in the UK

    Water suppliers put different things and amounts in their water

  • My ibs is 100x worse when I drink tap water and I have no idea why 😢

  • Thanks for messaging me back guys 😊

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