Pain on right side under ribs

Hi, for the past week I've had this pain under my right rib cage. Its not extremely painful, but annoying. It doesnt occur all day, but if I move around a lot it acts up. I woke up this morning without the pain, then when I started walking around it came back. I am a 24 year old male, I workout everyday but not extremely hard. My diet has been bad this last month with the holidays. The pain is only located in that one area. Any ideas what it could be? Massaging it with my hand worked temporarily.

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  • I have gallstones which gives me pain on my right side under my ribs. The pain isn't very bad and isn't constant but it's slightly annoying. Having a bad diet can cause gallstones so it could be a possibility? Speak to your GP about it. Hopefully it's not gallstones!

  • Yeh I had this for about a month when I started a new job, I put it down to stress, it went away on its own and hasn't come back

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