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How long do your flares last

Has anyone had a flare go on for months. I have constant moving pains except when asleep. All, over abdomen following the track of colon, lower sides and top. This is my 7th week. Very anxious despite ultrasounds and 3 cts last month being the most recent. Why are the pains moving around. Have tried all the usual pills nothing helps. Please any reassurance.

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Have you had tests for Dysbiosis?


No, I have just googled it. Do you suffer from this and how do you deal with it


I am being treated with an antibiotic designed for the gut only, then a very strong hospital supplied probiotic


Hi could have ulcerative collitis and the moving pain is stools going over inflamed bits.

The fact that its ok when you sleep says that you need more rest through the day.

feeling anxiouse will have a knock-on -effect and one causes the other.


I had it a full 11 weeks once-stress from hairdressing college-bleedin awful-bully, bitch tutor.

Best wishes s x


I put am Soi for very good.


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