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Kombucha Tea!! Where to find it in the UK!

Kombucha Tea is sooooo good for all digestive issues! and I'm positive its finally what really improved my IBS!! Sadly i havent had it recently as the place i knew in china that sold it in China stopped! but i have just found an online place and have ordered 6 bottles!! So Kombucha here i come!!

But i know the majority of you don't live in China, so i found a place that you can buy and order it from in the UK: lovekombucha.co.uk/About-Us

It lists stockists as well!

I am trying to persuade my mum to order some! and if she doesn't i will order her some as a surprise as it has loads of health benefits and is a great healthy alternative to water!

Fermented food and drinks are the way forward for us IBS'ers!

I also found a site that can help you buy starter kits to brew it yourself if you want to: happykombucha.co.uk/collect...

I googled and these are just some of the heakth benefits:

Improved Digestion

Weight Loss

Increased Energy

Cleansing and Detoxification

Immune Support

Reduced Joint Pain

Cancer Prevention

I have no idea if they are all true but i KNOW it helps IBS! and if it does the rest then that is an added bonus!

Hope your all feeling better and that Kombucha helps you!

Let me know if it does xx

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Thank you so much for imput as I have been trying all sorts for some time now and I will go and order this straight away

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You can buy Kombucha scobys, which is a bacterial culture that you can make your own kombucha drink from. They only cost a few quid on Amazon. It really helps restore the good flora in your gut.


Will give it a go and let you know how I'm getting on. I have IBSd.


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