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Your thought please 😝

Hi all new here

So back in may I started with a pain in my upper rightside a urine sample flagged up something but nothing grew but I was put on 9 days antibiotic the pain never really left.. so as time passed I got myself stressed out thinking the worst. The pain slowly crept round to the middle and also goes to the upper left side never really below midrift .. I was having trouble with constipation as I was only 3 months post partum ..

Now 5 months along I've had 2 ultra sounds stool h pylori bloods work all seemed normal . My issue is I'm not sure this is ibs as I have no rushing to the toilet and my bowels usually move each day sometimes a little struggle or sore.. the thing that has helped has been apple cider vinegar each morning with lemon and honey. It cleared all my symptoms for 2 weeks.. please just tell me does this sound like ibs my doctor things this is what it is.. is upper pain commen with this .. struggling mummy with back pain and feeling of depression don't know where to turn..😣😣

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Anyone 😢


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