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So there has been a change...IBS-D to IBS-C ??

So obviously as some may know i had almost 2 months of awful IBS-D,then got over it but Iv'e had another flare of recently due to a bad burger! I took some bimuno a prebiotic and i took my probiotics and i thought i seemed a lot better..but in fact i was just not passing any bowel movements! I didn't pass a bowel movement for almost 2 days then on a night out in a club i got epic stomach pains and ended up going to the bathroom 5 or more times, and it wasn't exactly diarrhoea, but more like non stop relatively normal bowel movements, i literally couldn't stop going, honestly i don't know how all that was in me!! I was in pain right up until the 5th o 6th time i went, and then left with boy friend, and thank god i felt better as i had feared getting in the taxi in case i had a I've gotta go now' kind of moment!

This has sort of happened before, but t wasn't as painful, but it was a few weeks ago in a flight, i swear i stayed in the bathroom for 30 minutes or more because i couldn't stop going! And at this time i also took bimunoa prebiotic and my usual probiotics...so i wonder if it is bad to take these 2 together?

I was told by customer service at bimuno that i shouldnt need to take both a prebiotic and a probiotic together! But didnt mention adverse side effects!

So since Friday night I have felt fine so i have kinda watched what i ate but not totally, as, well, i felt fine so i figured i didn't need t live on rice! And It was kinda big F you to IBS as ive really had enough! So AGAIN i haven't passed a bowel movement for over 2 days, and i am slowly being able to go again,but it is painful - i have awful stomach pains and then i have to try and go! If Friday nights experience is anything to go by, i am clearly not done yet!

But i am crossing my fingers!

Now i dont know what to take, probiotics or prebiotics? I only have my probiotics left, but i put in a big order for the prebiotic ones!

Has anyone had an experience like this?

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Spoon of olive oil before meal

Prunes and figs stewed best

Hot whiskey and water to shift painful wind

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Thanks hun! it feels so weird to have to think about ways to make me go, when I am usually trying to stop it! I May well have to try some of these things if they continue! thanks again x

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your Friday night experience is what i'm going through every other day !! lost so much weight coz the more i ate the more i need to sit in the bathroom so i cut out most foods and now living on rice, boiled plain potatoes and plain bread ..I really don't know how much i can tolerate living like this ..it's just horrible and debilitating 😩😥😢 ..So to answer your question ..YES i'm living this torture and i'm sure many others do ..so would appreciate if any one can suggest a way out of it because doctors seem to be lost amid this whole IBS dilemma 😡

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Thats how i have lived on numerous occasions, but ive had 2 really big occasions where thats all i could eat for months! it really sucks! What have you tried? Check my page, i have suggested things that have helped me, that if you havent tried i would 100% recommend giving it a try! Right now i seem to be able to eat whatever and i dont have diarrhoea but instead im just really not going much at all..i am currently awaiting todays pain and then a bowel movement..that ireally hope comes! But PMA positive mental attitude! it really does help a lot! doesn't help that i have awful PMT right now lol - i hope you feel better! let me know if you've tried anything ive listed and if you try it and it helps! xx


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