Ibs and live outside

Hi everybody. I have been having the IBS for three years while i'm have been finishing my degree. Now i finished but i started a new stage outside my home to do the master. I do to have more oportunities to work althougt i have this.

The problem it's that this week i started to feel little worst that in my home (i knowed that it could happen but....) and will ask what recommend to imporve my health ( i do more exercise, diet, etc) . Especially I ask to relax things, meditations and breaths that i can learn in youtube or other places. Another things that i can use i love it that can say me :)

pd: Sorry for my english and thanks for the information that give me.

pd2: my principal symptoms are diarrhea, abdominal pain and gas.

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  • Muereteja, try drinking 1 litre/day silicon rich water (SRW). Notice as your bowels alter, when it seems like the water just passes through you almost purely as water, buy some silica capsules made from Bamboo gum 200mg Lambert's or Natures Best, I'm in UK. I don't have UC any longer, after 12 years of hell.

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