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Continous ibs

I've read a lot on here about flare ups so I'm presuming people have normality in between. I s3em to have c or d daily and it's controlling my life I'm trying not to hey anxious but I'm dreading my committee meeting tonight and I've a wedding on Saturday so will be taking every medicine I can for d and will then end up with c all evening and the next day. Will it ever stop it's constant

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I suffer everyday also. It's horrible. I'm on holiday at the moment and I'm confined to the room cause I feel so sick. Might just all be in my head but i can't help the way I'm feeling. I sympathise with you!


As anxiety is one of the main contributors of IBS, I'm wondering if your doctor could prescribe you a light tranquilliser for the wedding day to help calm things down?

I get very stressed about long journeys and I take one 2mg diazepam just on that day. It works a treat and stops me freaking out on the journey every time a huge lorry overtakes etc and thus keeps my tummy more comfortable. Less stress, less IBS!

Could be worth a try and one pill isn't going to make you addicted. :)

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Its a daily struggle for me. I have issues with D. Pads give me a little confidences but trying to keep the anxiety down is frustrating. I have to take a small amount of a Xanax an hour before I go anywhere and then a small amount when I get there. Thankfully itaking Xanax is not a daily deal for me. A closed up room is another story all together though. I got out of a mangement job 10years ago because I couldn't handle the meetings anymore. i tell my boss now that I have digestive issues with gall bladder flate ups. (Nice way to put it without details). He understands if I have to dart out and Im thankful for that. Knowing I can leave if I need to seems to help with my anxiety which helps with my flare ups.


Mine is also a daily struggle with D & C, sometimes I have what I call flare ups which include severe and debilitating pain and usually last 12 - 48 hours. IBS is something you live with every single day and so that has become MY normal, it must be different for everyone, you aren't alone in this war x


I suffer daily with C or D. It wakes me in the middle of the night and the pain is unbearable. I take a 10mg Percocet but the pain comes back when the meds wear off, but it's not as bad. I've tried the so called IBS prescriptions. They made me worse. I take a 50 Billion Probiotic. I haven't had more than a couple of decent days in 3 years. I never leave my house unless I can make it to the Dr. or ER. Anyone else going thru this?


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