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IBS symptoms, pain during sex?

Hi everyone,

Just needed a bit of a rant really. I've had what I'm told is IBS for about 8 years but my symptoms have got so much worse recently and I've never really been able to attribute it to any certain foods. I've just had tests to check for Coeliacs disease, Colitis and Crohn's and they all came back clear so my doctor says "well it must just be IBS" which isn't helpful! He said he had no suggestions for treatment and that I should look online for advice.

My symptoms have always been more IBS-C than D however recently I've been getting a lot of diarrhoea whilst simultaneously feeling constipated and constantly hugely bloated. I look several months pregnant and use a heatpack for back pain most days. I take dulcoease daily and mebeverine which help a little bit but not much. Just feeling a bit fed up! I don't know if it's related to the IBS or not but I'm so lethargic I have no energy or desire to really do anything except lie down with a heatpack on my back.. And because it's "just IBS" I feel like people who don't have it don't get it and think you're overreacting to a stomach ache. I'm under a lot of stress at the minute so perhaps that is contributing.

I am just at a loss really! I also get deep pain during sex to the point it's basically impossible which apparently can be IBS related - anyone else experience this? I've had a laparoscopy to look for endometriosis which was negative so also at a loss as to what is causing this pain!

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Have a check up with a GYNY or STI testing. Test may come up with soemthibg positive causing the pain. Also the pill can definatley help with pain during sex. Make sure you do all the check ups as I've not come across it linking to IBS


Thanks for the reply 😊 I was sure I'd read it somewhere but unsure where exactly. The pain has been ongoing for 8 years for as long as I've had IBS and I've been checked out for STIs etc and am clear - I've also been on the pill for about ten years. It's a mystery!


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