Linaclotide second post

Well there is me worrying about this drug holding me back from doing things as it's like dynamite.

The drug has not worked. It's not making me go to the toilet to clear the loading . So now I'm worried as I don't want to end back in hospital. My constipation is severe. The only thing that does work is kean prep but it's 5 litres of horrible liquid to drink. That's why I go into hospital to have it through a nose feed.

Anyone else with chronic constipation? What works for you?

Many thanks

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  • For me I use plain old glycerin liquid and use an oral stringe to administor between 5-15mls up the bum. Hold for as long as possible, I too suffer chronic IBS constipatio. Ever since doing this I haven't been to hospital.

  • I softened my stool considerably by drinking 1 litre/day silicon rich mineral/spring water, Volvic, Fiji, S. Pellegrino, Brecon Carreg (Welsh), Kaurisprings (NZ). Chill the water it tastes slighly different to mains mater, which I loathe the water tastes so bitter due to the aluminium clearing agent. I also take silica capsules (Lambert's). UC was 12 years of hell for me, the drugs never (5ASs) just gave me explosive diarrhoea, you only have to shit yourself once.

  • See my reply under chronic constipation from besrfriend52 about mag07.

  • What works for me is a silicon rich mineral water (Volvic), 1 litre/day, it softened my stool, made me empty completely my bowels into the toilet bowl. I kept drinking it, and the water seemed to pass through with occasional torpedo shaped stool. I'd seen silica capsule at health food shop (Lambert's 200mg), tried that daily/not quite that. Normal stool resumed and I'm still drinking the silicon rich water.

  • I softened my constipation with Volvic water (1 litre/day), then when it gets too moist I took Lambert's 200mg silica capsules, I don't have any toilet troubles now, the water makes you stool very soft, you might get a complete evacuation. Then when it becomes too moist take silica capsules from health store (about 1/day made from Bamboo, the one's from Horsetail plants aren't as effective, they have less silica compared to from Bamboo(Lambert's)).

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