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Advice needed!!

I am a sufferer of ibs-c and have been for many years. Not triggered by particular foods but definately worse with stress. I recently had gastroenteritis and since then am having frequent episodes of D. I've been eating really bland meals because if I eat anything with flavour I'm on the toilet all of the next morning. I try not to take immodium because I don't want to get constipated. Does anyone have any advice or similar stories that might help? I'm feeling really low with it as I'm fed up of eating plain, dry and boring food!

Thank you

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Hmm... How long ago was your gastroenteritis, and do you know what caused it (e.g. stomach bug or food poisoning)?

Is the diarrhoea all the time, or only when you eat flvouresome foods? And what sort of foods are you eating that do trigger the IBS-D?


Thank you for replying. It was a stomach bug that all the family had. I do not normally suffer with diarrhoea so this is new for me. I seem to be ok when I eat plain food like chicken, fish and bread but I had some sausages and a spaghetti bolognese and both gave me diarrhoea. I am having formed stools in between but when I do have any diarrhoea I end up feeling really drained and tired.


I had a proper bout of diarrhoea last year and know just how unpleasant and debilitating it can be - you have my complete sympathy. Might be worth speaking to your doctor - I don't know how long the symptoms of gastroenteritis usually last but when I've had food poisoning they've only lasted a couple of days, and a week before I'm back to full health.

Sometimes things like food poisoning (or any antibiotics used to treat it) can unbalance the usual bacterial ecosystem in the gut. Therefore, you might find some colonies of bacteria have grown and are having a disproportionate effect on the gut compared to previously. Dietary interventions like the low FODMAP diet remove some of the sources of nutrients that these bugs feast on. Foods like sausages and bolognese will contain ingredients like onion and garlic which even in small quantities can make some people very unwell.

Alternatively, plenty of people find that probiotics can help restore this balance.

However, I would suggest talking to your GP first to rule out anything else.


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