Hello. I've just been put on the FODMAP diet by my GP and peppermint oil tablets because I'm suffering really badly with IBS to the point it's making me depressed. I've only been on the diet a few days and finding it really hard, not because I don't have the willpower. I really do. But because I can't seem to find food that I'm allowed to eat. I made chicken char grills for tea tonight and only after eating them I found out they're made with onion. Can anyone help me on any store bought products that are FODMAP friendly in the UK please?

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  • I hate to tell you, but I found it impossible to buy any prepackaged FODMAPS friendly food in Canada, I suspect it's the same in the UK. You're best off biting the bullet and making your own meals from scratch for now. Are there any meals you're having particular trouble with? Any food you're having a hard time replacing?

  • FODMAPS really works best when you make your own meals. It has to become a lifestyle change for it to be effective. Otherwise you have no idea what you are eating sadly.

  • The only pre made food I found doing fodmap was gluten free fish fingers in either Asda or tesco . I made my own soups and pasta sauces and freezed them

  • Hi Clareir1, I suffer really badly with IBS,I must admit I'm not the best cook in the world,but I love soup,I've looked everywhere for soup without onion,and I can't find any. Could you give me your recipe,would be grateful as onion kills me.

  • Can you tolerate white rice? I survived off congee/rice soup on FODMAPS and its a standard go-to during flare-ups.

  • Hi,the only way I can eat rice is in a pudding. But thanks for that.

  • HiClareir

    I have just gone on the Low Fodmap Diet , never had to go on any diet befor , and I find it's like a minefield , I don't know what direction to go in I feel I'm going round in circles but I do know onions and sweet things seem to upset me,have your soup and pasta sauce recipe or maby recomend a book that is easy to follow and may help many thanks .

  • Sorry but practically none. On FODMAPS you have to use basic ingredients not processed foods as nearly all use prohibited foods like onions and garlic.

    Try cooking things like plain meat and two veg with potatoes or rice for instance. I do eat Birds Eye fish in sauce which doesn't seem to have onion and is microwaveable in 4 mins. I have it with Tilda microwaveable rice and a veg (again frozen and microwave). I also eat smoked salmon or ham or beef with salad made with only allowable veg. You could also make omelette with cheese. If you have gone dairy free like I have you can use hard cheeses as they don't contain lactose.

    I don't know what you are working from but you might find it easier to know what you can and can't eat by downloading the Monash University app and follow the traffic light signal foods. The app is the best thing I have found and it is continually updated with foods that are being tested as Monash are the originators of the FODMAPS system.

  • Thanks Sashapet for sure I will follow your advice .x

  • Hi sorry to hear your feeling so low, but if you are having trouble preparing Fodmap food, you can by a Fodmap friendly book on Amazon. Hope you feel better soon

    Good luck

  • Thanks everyone. I'm struggling with tea time meals mostly as the list of naughty foods are have are in everything but it's not specific, like it doesn't say a certain brand you're allowed but now I realise it's because you can't eat any of them. Making your own sauce and freezing them is a fab idea. I've downloaded two apps and have a list from the doctor but some of the foods are in different categories on each one which is confusing. I've been having gluten free pizza which is a bit horrible but I've seen on one list that I can't have tomato pure' but on another I can. I might just stay away from food and hopefully I'll feel better and lose a bit of flab on the way :( I'm determined to do this, I can't wait to feel normal again xx

  • There are very few prepared foods that suit the low FODMAP diet. Waitrose do a few chicken dishes but the FODMAP diet is all about reducing sugar in many of its forms including onion, garlic and fructose. These are in most processed foods (& sauces) so hence processed foods are no good.

    If you find FODMAP helps but isn't a complete solution ask your GP for a fructose & lactose breath test. This will help narrow down which sugars are the problem.

    Good luck

  • Better to buy meat and chicken from butchers and eat salad and veg . All pure food and no bread .store bought have all additives in them so try to avoid . Look at gluten free shelf it's expensive but keep trying need to do a good 6 weeks then introduce foods to see what you are intolerant to . I have done this and now no bread unless gluten free . Feel better so try to keep going .its not a miracle but I felt so ill like I had flu all the time that anythings a bonus .

  • I had got 2 FODMAP cook books from Amazon have you asked your GP of you can see a dietition? That's what I did and she went though everything so if I got confused she could help me. I think the issue with Fodmap is that anyone can write a webpage and this is where you end up with the same food beig a good food on one page and bad food on another. I found the books the dietition gave me really helpfull and I managed to cone up with my own fodmap recipes.

    Anothe relly lazy tea I use to have was frozen jacket potatoes and salad taht was a good stand by for a long hard day.

  • IBS sufferers have to get used to spending a lot of their time checking ingredient labels. It is true what the other replies say that it safest to make your meals from scratch. However perhaps as an occasional treat, I have found two 'ready meals' which are ok. - Marks & Spencer Red Tia curry not the Green) which amazingly has no onion or garlic. It does however have sugar snap peas, but these can be put aside if you are being ultra cautious. A very mild chicken curry but delicious. The other is an individual steak pie from 'Genius - no wheat - no garlic - no onion (avoid their chicken pie as at least one of the ingredients is a no-no) Tesco stocks this. Hope this helps, and good luck with the diet.


  • hi

    very hard to find meals fodmap compliant. some tin soups are. i found them in the coop. recipes change regularly so need to check all the time. at one time i couldnt find any soups without onion or garlic. i think cambells do some and heinz too.

    i follow a lot of fodmap diet now but im not ibs free.

    painkillers help pain but may cause ibs! now wary of taking zydol or codeine.

    i take normacol as a fibre susstitute which stops constipation.

    hope this works for you

    god bless


  • Best stuff out,Normacol for constipation,it's natural fibre,and works really well.You just have to adjust it to what your body can take. But can't beat it.

  • Sounds like the best thing to do is learn how to cook. I'm getting sick of chips now. I'll have a look on Amazon tonight, thank you. If I ever win the lottery I'll be bringing out a fodmap range of food. It's upsetting knowing that I can't eat anything I like xx

  • This is one of the cook books I used

  • I ordered one similar to that which came today. I'm going to give it a try and make a food diary too xx

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