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I get so upset to use the restroom sometimes. My heart starts racing I get sweaty palms and cold feet . My G.I. doctor told me I shouldn't be concerned about the color of my stool unless there is A presence of blood . But I was wondering if any of you have experienced a tan or almost yellow stool and when you wipe it's like the McDonald's arch color yellow. Again sorry I also have a bit of Health anxiety . Finally, ladies do you find IBS worse on your period ? Thanks so much .

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  • Hi joMarie5, sometimes stools can be an orange colour as , if they move quickly through the digestive system , digestion cannot take place properly. It's very common in IBS sufferers so don't worry.

  • My IBS is a million times worse on my period, and I looked into it and it's because the hormones that make your uterus contract also effect your bowels, often causing more frequent pooing and diarrhoea. Also, whilst I've never had bright yellow, if I eat the wrong foods then my poo varies crazily in colour, keep an eye on it, and if there's blood, lots of mucus, or you're in a lot of discomfort go back to your doctor, also, if your really worried ask if you can get stools tested, as it's really quick and would tell you if there was anything wrong.

  • I'm really not having discomfort other then my cycle 😒 The yellish color is more when I wipe then anything. I believe I have post infectious IBS . Due to swollen lymph nodes I had in my small intestine . They thought I had a kidney infection and put me on antibiotics which I think stripped a lot of my good bacteria . They make it seem like it's no biggie . I'm a nervous wreck thinking I have some sort of cancer 😒 Something has got to give . Thanks for your responses.

  • Yellow or clay coloured stools are often the result of poor bile. Taking a liver support can often help or doing a liver cleanse. PM me if you want more info.

  • Actually what you have described sounds just like panic attacks I used to have when in stressful situations, sweaty palms, face covered in sweat, heart pumping like crazy. As for the stools, it happens to me sometimes too. Its just your guts getting rid of some excess stuff. I have found that the change in my diet has helped me a lot. I try not to eat at night, always have a breakfast, even if just a slice of plain toast. Light lunch and proper dinner with as little carbs as poss. Plenty of veg though. You can only try it, and try relaxation sessions for your stress situations. Good luck.

  • I hate the feeling so much . Why do I feel like that only when I need to use the restroom? It's like I'm afraid too . I can't take much of this anymore. I can barely sleep. I have a 4 year old to take care of and I'm letting anxiety and IBS rule my life 😒

  • All I can do is tell you that the relaxation technique in Yoga helped me a lot. You can pay for a lessons etc, or just go to your local library and borrow a book on yoga relaxation. It really helped me to relax, and I can still use it now. all I need to do is close my eyes and breath the way I was taught by yoga, get the breathing right, then the mind set then the physical side. In fact you can make it an do it with mummy thing for the wee one and you. God Bless and I hope you get the help you need.

  • Thank you so much for being kind to me . I will look into yoga.

  • Or mindfulness. I find that quite helpful for relaxation.

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