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Any ideas... SIBO, lactose intolerant suspected leaky gut!!!

Seeking help, all over the place at the moment, need ideas of a fresh look…

- I became lactose intolerant after the flu, doctor said IBS, go away etc.

- I researched loads and cut out sugar etc but still not feeling right

- The only thing keeping me normal and not lose stools is sourdough!!!! I read it on here and it works for me.

- Had an appointment with a functional practitioner and they said leaky gut,

I researched more and cut more sugar out, and she said no wheat, no sugar no dairy.

Now I followed her diet and lost too much weight, I only weight just under 8st so do not have much if any to lose. I am having oats for breakfast and lean fats and no wheat etc, but things are still not right.

I need to go back to sourdough toast for breakfast to firm things up again…..

Any ideas anyone? I can’t seem to stay on the suggested diet with out getting worse!

How is sourdough break working to keep my stools ‘normal’?

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Are you having a completely dairy free diet ?

Sourdough cancontain milk and/or yogurt

If you are trying to find what affectsyou the most I would suggest cutting only one food group out of your diet at a time and keep a food and bowel movement diary to see what changes there might be

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Yes I keep a food and BM diary, all over the place at the moment. Sourdough is the only that keeps my BM ‘normal’

I buy sourdough without the yogurt.

Also yep, dairy free.


Google "Homeopathic remedies for milk intolerance" & choose your type.


doing that now :)


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