I went to the specialist!

So guys just a quick update! I saw the specialist and she thought it was likely that i had gastroenteritis that then set off my IBS and may have inflamed my bowels a bit and thats what has made it last so long and she said it can last from 2-3 months eek! thank god im starting to feel a bit better! she said to continue to eat plain until i have no pain and normal stools and then add food gradually and of course no spicey! she prescribed me some probiotics and an antispasmodic! and i had to do a blood test and a stool sample..so i will find out the results next week! I mentioned the possibility of chrones and she just laughed and said it did not sound like it at all...so fingers crossed! this entire trip cost me just under £100! but it feels worth it already :)...sadly she said NO to alcohol so im gonna see how i feel in a week or so before i try that! i miss wine! thanks for listening! :)

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  • Good advice,gastroenteritis can become chronic ,difficult to avoid .best to steer clear of chili chicken and Sezchuan dishes!

  • Hi what probiotic did she prescribe for you? I have found the only one that helps me is VSL3 but my gp or gastro dr wont prescribe it,I buy it but its expensive. x

  • Hi cassie maybe explain to your doctor that you're using vsl-3 and that if you have insurance that it would help to have it prescribed by him/her.

  • hwy - sorry for the delay! I have been prescribed Bifico - Live combined bifidobacterium, lactobacillus, enterococcus capsules! :)

  • Glad you decided to see the doctor. Now you don't have to stress yourself out worrying about it.

  • I have colitis and I find that wheat is the main thing for me which causes me problems, it is just a case of trying different foods to see what upsets you and what does not.

  • Can I ask.. What does having colitis feel like? I have often wondered if that is my problem. Colonoscopy showed redness in the area I tend to hurt most but surgeon said it was nothing.. Just wondering!

  • Good to hear it most likely isn't chrones . Keep watching what you eat and drink. Maybe keep a journal of the good and bad food/drink. See what helps and is bad for your tummy. Good luck there mina

  • Colitis I find is stomach bloating, stomach cramps when it is really bad, I had a colonoscopy and was told that was my problem, after the results came back. Control mine by diet, unable to eat to much wheat which causes most of my problems. I just have to watch my diet as certain foods seem to cause me problems. Have you tried keeping a food diary to see what foods seem to make things worse. Then try avoiding those foods to see how you feel.

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