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Work are being understanding

Hi all, I have had quite a lot of absences recently in my job that I have only been in since November. Thursday night was up most of the night on the toilet and throwing up in the bath, so was off Friday. Started to think I was getting better sat/sun until sun night again I had a replay of Thursday. Went to the doctors who said if I'm being sick it shouldn't just be my ibs that I suffer from and sounds like a bug I've caught. Now my boyfriend is ill with green phlegm and I seem to have picked up his sore throat and green phlegm too! Went back in to work this morning but my team leader just sent me straight back home. Luckily docs are now giving me a certificate from today. I'm just so thankful that my workplace has been understanding even after all my absences. I will now get a warning about being off which is a letter of concern. I'm trying to avoid going docs again for antibiotics and seeing if this phlegm and pain in throat passes by itself.

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