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came here looking for help

I feel sick all the time , it doesn't matter what I eat. However every now and again i get ridiculously bad diarrhea, it's totally unexpected like it'll randomly just happen but it's like nothing I've ever had- it comes in half an hour episodes and (VV sorry for TMI) it is pure water like literally water, similar to ecoli symptoms.

Doctor thinks it's IBS, but isn't sure.

Can anyone help?


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You can get many symptoms with IBS. I sometimes feel nauseous, luckily not too often, and I also can get loose stools or am constipated - I've never had diarrhea like water but there are many people on here that have had the very same symptoms as you.

I had food poisoning back in 1996 and it was sometime after that episode that I was diagnosed with IBS but my doctor did not diagnose me until I had had a couple of procedures i.e. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy - you cannot be diagnosed without having some kind of procedure. I didn't have a problem having either procedure and I have recently seen a gastro doctor and will be having another Colonoscopy soon just to check all's okay.

Best thing for you is to go back to your doctor and ask for these procedures as it will rule out whether you have Crohns or Celiac disease.

Best of luck


It may or may not be I.B.S and could be an infection whether bacterial or not. I'd be sure to get tested for ecoli,c-diffidile and so on. I had c-difficile infection which caused my I.B.S afterwards and you will have to learn what triggers your symptoms. My triggers are dairy(lactose) products. Anyways, if it is an infection, it can cause I.B.S afterwards as the infection can damage your stomach and bowels. Follow up with a gastroenterologist to be sure of whats going on. Good luck to you, i hope you feel better soon


Ive JUST lrft the hospital with the same complaint akthought ive had 3 major surgeries!! Ineas told its all nerve damage& I B S!! Came back with nothing except colofac & liquid paracetomol!! Dreadful!! Ive got to just "live with it"


I had a very bad episode of diorhoea like you described recently. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or an extreme ibs reaction to something but it was awful and like nothing id ever experienced. I had no energy and was afraid to go out because of the urgency and watery stools I was passing.

How long has it been going on for with you? Mine came and went in 4/5 days. Any longer than that and I would have been going to the doctors.


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