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Do i have IBS?

I have experienced these symptoms for 3 weeks :

1. I feel sick and burp up after about 20 minutes of eating a meal.

2. My lower stomach hurts and makes me feel sick.

3. The left side of my stomach up towards the rib i receive a sharp pain when i breathe in sometimes.

4. I have noticed a black tar like substance in my faeces but only sometimes.

Could this be IBS or something else?

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This could be IBS ... or any number of other things, e.g. ulcer, hiatus hernia etc.

See your GP for some tests.


i would go to doc and tell them exactly what happening to you write it down so you remember what to ask about, sometimes when you go for consult the mind goes blank or you can for get to mention something that might have happened a couple of days ago thinking thats gone but it might be underlining something else . do not accept that its ibs until you have all test carried out. sorry for rant but ive had ibs 20 plus years and only this year was told i have BAM [BILE ACID MALABSORPTION] after having a SEHCAT Scan , which hospital will only do as last resort due to the cost , i had bm 11 to 15 times a day now 4 to 5 and for the first time in 20 years i can have a bit of a social life as was housebound with ibs-d. trisha [Ireland]


Hi. If I were you I'd go to your GP and get this checked out. It's common in IBS to have pain on your left side but stabbing pain when you breathe is likely to be something else. Also the black tar in you faeces needs to be examined. I don't think this is a usual IBS symptom.


I agree with winniep1. IBS does have to properly diagnosed because the symptoms are so diverse. You should be checked out and then you can take the right steps and stop worrying.


These sound like they could be symptoms of diverticulitis, although it would be a good idea to get a proper diagnosis. Are you dehydrated and/or constipated? These were the warning signs for me, although I didn't know it at the time. You might not even think you're constipated, but do you have to strain a bit to go and how often do you go? Junk food, pizzas, too much tea/coffee/alcohol (diuretics) will make matters worse. Plenty of water, juice, soup and well-cooked (easily digested) vegetables like cabbage, sweet potato and pumpkin are kind to the gut. I hope you get an answer to your problem soon.


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