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IBS or something else?

Hi there,

I've had ongoing issues with abdominal pain, nausea, bloating and constipation.

I'm currently under investigation at the hospital and I've had a number of different tests to determine my condition. However over the last two weeks I've had a constant stabbing pain/cramps which is not relived by moving my bowels and is not caused by any specific foods.

I was just wondering what other people's thoughts are? Is it just a severe case of IBS or is it something else?

Thank You

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I would say it's IBS but as you are already under investigation at the hospital I would speak to them about it. I get pain sometimes between my shoulder blades but where I get it most is just below my ribcage.

Sorry I can't help.


It is possible it could be I.B.S ,be sure they check your stool sample for bad bacteria like c-difficile or ecoli and so on. Even after an infection you can have I.B.S as the infection damages your stomach and bowel lining causing the nerves in your bowel to go off spasmicly, causing the cramps and pain, while slowing or even stopping your bowel movements. Maybe ask your doctor for something to clear your bowels out and hopefully it may help to feel better. Good luck and i hope you feel better soon.


Await the hospital report. If you are not happy with that or the same thing continues....go back. Ask them if they have considered IBS as a cause. They should be well aware of it as its one of the most common guy complaints/diagnosis after ruling out infection, food poisoning and other gut diseases.


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