I was doing well for sometime until-

Strange that yesterday i logged in here and responded to a young lady with bad i.b.s.symptoms, i too had started to feel extreme pain in my lower abdomin, along with fever like symptoms. I'm not sure what triggered it but i feel like i did 10,000 situps. Unfortunately theres nothing i have to dull the pain and i'm afraid to eat as well till it subsides. Some chicken broth maybe to try to sooth my stomach and for some energy . i hope it helps with fever symptoms as well.

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  • Can you get hold of some buscopan or coloflac? that may help the pains!

  • Thank you mina, i had just got off the phone with nurse practitioner. It is now the 3rd day and i'm feeling a little better but my lower abdomin is still quite sore. She had told me unless i went in to see if i still have a fever or if pain moves to my right side and is persistant(possible appendicitis) that i should only continue dicyclomine and famitodine i was prescribed on regular basis. Having I.B.S they won't prescribe any pain meds due to them binding the bowel up. I had asked if i even had gone on a liquid and soft food diet for a few days would that help if i had a pain med and she said no. I'll just have to percivere thru this episode and hope all comes out well.

  • im glad you are feeling better! try a hot water bottle and maybe try some soluble fibre foods, like rice or banana, my stomach loves this! so it may help lessen the pains! and you can buy buscopan over the counter - aslong as it wont interact with what your already taking! Fingers crossed you feel better soon!

  • Thank you Mina, i'll give that a try.

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