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Hi, I'm Babskatz - pensioner with various problems.. suffer with IBSD and anxiety. Also have angina if that's relevant Am gluten and dairy intolerant and have problems with IBS if I overdo the fat, so a bag of chips is a luxury that I can no longer happily eat. On medication for angina, take Colofac and rely heavily on imodium, both of which are prescription drugs. Also use probiotics and coenzyme Q10. As I am overweight and been advised to lose some of it have been trying to do so but doctor also says it is difficult to lose weight above a certain age! Considering joining Slimming World. Do any of you with similar problems have advice please. Many thanks.

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  • Do like the Queen and have smaller plate to encourage portion control

  • I know from experience that it is not likely you would be able to follow a Slimming World diet with IBS. After years of misery I have to stick to a very basic, restricted diet to keep the pain at bay. Like most commercial diets Slimming World relies heavily on green veg, yoghurt and fruit. All things which cause my IBS to flare up. I find that small meals are my only alternative to keep the weight down.

  • Thank you for reply. I did wonder if that was the case. Probably won't be going with them then unless they can reassure me. I suppose I live largely on potatoes and home made gluten free bread at present so very high carbs.

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