I got prescribed this medicine by my doctor via a voicemail message and I really don't feel like I should take it. I left my doctor a message saying I was getting unbearably nauseous because of IBS and they prescribed me this medicine. But I am sensitive to lactose, which is in the tablets. And I also suffer from anxiety and depression, which are common side effects of these tablets. Should I take them or not ?

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  • Definitely get ahold of your doctor. That isn't the right medication for you!

  • The amount of lactose in pills is minuscule so unless you are actually allergic to lactose, or super, super sensitive to it, you'll probably be fine.

  • Hi, I am IBS, coeliac, lactose intolerance and I actually fitted on this medication, seek advise from your doc.

  • I've been given prochlorperazine for nausea and this also seems to help with anxiety too. Only downside, strictly no alcohol!

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