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Bloating after I eat anything

Hi everyone, I am new here, this is my first post.

So I am suffering from IBS-C, but my main symptom is bloating.

I get bloated after I eat anything! Small meal, big meal..it doesn't matter.

I've been following the FODMAP diet for a little over a month, but nothing changed..I get bloated even if I eat fodmap free food..even from peppermint tea or water...

I tried medicine for bloating as well but it didn't help. I tried manuka honey but I didn't notice any changes..I am in a lot of pain not sure what else to do or try..I look like I am pregnant all the time..I am not overweight ( I am around 52-50 kg, lost a bit of weight since I started the fodmap diet)

All of this started a year ago in february..but then it came and went, wasn't a huge problem. Then this year in april it started again, and since then I just can't make the bloating go away..

If anybody can help I would be eternally grateful..I am in a lot of pain and I am super depressed cause of how I look and feel..

Thank you

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What was going in your life when you first started experiencing the symptoms?



Sorry you are feeling this way

I was like that too for over s year and it was really bad but I think I am finally getting somewhere .

Can you give more details if you have done any tests so far ? And what were they ? And what's your usual diet like ?

I followed low FODMAP for a while but also had to take things away from it too to feel better . Everybody's triggers are different but if you have an underlying infection or intolerance no matter what food you eat your system will still react .

I had to identify my intolerances and clear an infection before I started feeling better .


I'm suffering the same hard bloating. It's horrible looking 7 months pregnant when you're not overweight. I've just started Prucalopride without any result so far and LECICARBON suppositorys.... Which are not working either .... I have a persisteen irrigation unit but it makes me so nauseas and unwell afterwards, sometimes I need to use this twice in one sitting as my body doesn't want to even expel the water . I would just love to have a nice poop :) .... Anything I eat or drink, even warm water creates pain ,the bloat never goes even at night ... I do sympathise with you


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