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Hey, I'm new here ibs-d

So my GP told me about this site, so here I am. I'm Kaz, 31 years old and been a diagnosed IBS sufferer for 16 years. (Though my mother says she can trace it back to at least 5 years old)

I am struggling to find any safe food to eat especially as I am doing slimming world.

I will also be trying to do some form of councelling as we are fairly certain that my anxiety is a massive contributing factor.

I wanted to ask, is anyone else like me in that the IBS attacks happen mainly at night?

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Hi! Yes, mine are mainly at night although can also occur at any time of day. I found slimming world, or any 'diet' that involved copious amounts of fruit, veg and beans a nightmare but I've learned to steer clear of leafy green foods, onion and all variety of beans!


Try the Monash university FODMAPS way of eating. They have an app which you can carry with you all the time to make eating out shopping etc much easier. It separates foods into a traffic light system. Eat only green marked foods for around 6 weeks and then add back in other foods marked Amber colour by type thus allowing you to find out what is actually causing your problems. You could try just going dairy free for a couple of weeks and/or gluten free to see if that helps too. Fodmaps helps a huge number of people who suffer from IBS-d


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