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I am new here and wanna ask for help and ideas

I have been suffering from this IBS mix for almost 2 years already. I have been living everyday the same that i can barely go out of my home. I need to use the bathroom around 6 times per day. also I if i get nervous or interrupted during meals time, then it would be very hard for me to have bowel movement after meal which releaves my stomach pain.... What should i do..

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Hi daphneez, I am new here too, I have been suffering with IBS for about 8 years now, started off as IBS C now I have the mix. About 3 years ago, I started leaning to the side of IBS D completely due to the stress and anxiety and was scared to go to work and never went out anywhere! After talking to my doctor, he suggested Imodium as there are no known long term side effects. Initially I was taking them daily and it greatly reduced anxiety about having an accident etc, which has let me reduce how often I take Imodium, I still usually need to take it several times a week, but it's been a huge help and really allowed me to live my life to a better quality and actually get out and about. Obviously I still have bad days but not all to often. If you can't go after meal and are at home take a small amount of lactalose medicine with a glass of water to get bowels moving X


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