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I am new here and was wondering if anyone has tried Symprove and if it has worked for them? It is very expensive but if it works then it would be worth it. I feel so very sorry for some people who are suffering so much with IBS. Fortunately, at the moment, I am only getting one attack weekly so feel very lucky after reading what some people are going through.

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  • Hi I'm new too I have terrible burning in my tummy through to my back can anyone help .

  • Sounds like acid reflux Hun, my doctor gave me omeprazole for it

  • I hope you find some help here. You will soon realise that there is no one fix for everyone. Also there are a lot of untested solutions. Keep an open mind and give whatever you try a good chance of 2-3 months. Make sure you are tested at doctors before giving up wheat or you can't be tested. Symprove is one of the few things that was tested at a hospital. It has fixed a lot of people. I took the course and was amazed at the improvement. I still take a top up each day but I had ibs diagnosed over 30 years ago so did not expect it to go completely. I now have a better life and generally under control. Give the course a go as they do have some good 12 week rates, eat sensibly, and good luck.

  • Thank you, I am trying Ultra-Zyme, a digestive enzyme supplement at the moment, which was recommended to me by our local health shop. I have only been taking it for 3 weeks so obviously not long enough to decide whether it is going to work for me!

  • Let me know how you get on. Probiotics seem to be the one thing that helps most. Good luck.

  • Hello there

    Yes I tried Symprove and it helped . I had the whole course of 12 weeks too . Or maybe even 16 weeks . My only advice is go for the original flavour as its dairy and gluten free and also sugar free I think . I was also on the low FODMAP diet so the original worked best..

    Good luck .

  • See how you do when you start drinking 1 litre/day to begin with, silicon rich water, such as Volvic, Saka, S, Pellergrino, Brecon Carreg, Fiji (that one will cost). Stool gets softer and it's as if water just flows through, did me, so I tried silica, 200mg made from Bamboo gel. My UC just went, and I know they are not the same, but I think because we are all genetically different, we react in different ways to what causes it, I think it's Aluminum that's the problem. Just try the water for a week, that shouldn't break the bank.

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