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Newly-diagnosed IBS-D and feeling a bit lost...


Hi all,

I've just been diagnosed with IBS-D in the past few weeks and have been reading through the posts here, it's great to see so much help and support. I've been feeling totally lost about what to do to ease my symptoms, and it's been getting me really down as I don't want this to interfere with my life so much. At the moment, I am having to take time off work, and it's making me scared to go out with friends for dinner/drinks in case I have a bad episode, and I'm supposed to be going on holiday next week and I don't want my holiday ruined, I've worked so hard for it!

My doctor initially got me Mebeverine tablets, but these actually just caused extreme constipation (without meaning to overshare, I was at one point screaming with pain when I went for a poo), so I stopped taking these tablets. I was also worried that they would interact with my contraceptive pill.

I have also been keeping a food diary for several months now, and frustratingly I can see absolutely no pattern between my IBS-D symptoms and my diet. I have a fairly balanced healthy diet in general (bit of a sweet tooth, but *mostly* healthy :) ), and there doesn't seem to be any link between my bouts of IBS-D symptoms and anything like gluten or lactose. So I'm not sure if changing my diet would help, or what sort of changes would be best.

So, I feel a bit stuck with symptoms of heavy diarrhoea, cramping, and a pretty much constant gurgling unsettled feeling. I've also lost weight, I suppose because I'm not really taking much of the food in before I get rid of it with the diarrhoea. It's really getting me down and beginning to seriously interfere with my work and my life. If anyone has any thoughts on diet/medication changes I could make based on what I've tried so far, then I'd be really appreciative.



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Hey Harriet,

Sorry your feeling rubbish. I've had IBS-d for around 13 years now and it can be controlled, eventually.

Over the last 6 weeks or so I've been having trouble regulating myself again and decided to cut wheat out as a test. It took a week but I finally started having normal movements at the weekend. That was until the Mrs made me a lovely sandwich using normal bread and my D came back the following morning. The gurgling seems to be something I just have to get on with as nothing seems to stop that.

I have started using Silicogel and this seems to help with the D a bit. Also Lopermide (Immodium) on standby in case of really bad episodes.

One thing my Doc has said is he is getting me to talk to someone about the anxiety side of things as if your like me you can't help but think about it all the time. If you have a good day you wonder why and its the same with a bad day. Coping with your mindset can be of great advantage too as I've read and been told. If you said your struggling with going out with friends etc you could be in the same boat as me.

You will get there, it takes time but you will.

Hope this helps you a little. There seems to be a hell of a lot of us out there that struggle with this so don't think your alone!!

Hopeful82 in reply to Barnes5072

Yes cut out wheat will really help. Medication - ask your doc for tablets that will stop nerve receptors receiving pain , these arw excellent. I have had ibs well over 15 years now andI ddon't need to use these things anymore it will get under control

Barnes5072 in reply to Hopeful82

Hopeful82 do you have any names of these medications? I'm willing to try anything

Thanks! I hadn't come across silicogel before, I'll have to check this out. I'm also totally willing to make any changes necessary to my diet, I just got a bit frustrated that I couldn't see any obvious 'culprits' from the food diary. Quite a few people on here have mentioned that cutting out wheat has helped though, so also worth a try.

I suppose initially this is just going to involve some trial and error to figure out what treatments work for me.

I think there's a lot to be said about the anxiety and psychological side of it, as you mentioned. I think I was hoping for a 'quick fix', you know, take a pill and it all goes away - which was overly simplistic and probably made me even more anxious and frustrated when it wasn't the case.

Thanks again for the help!

I am exactly the same as you, hoping there was just a pill i can pop and all will be better. It just doesn't work that way for so many of us.

The removing wheat from my diet has only involved removing eating normal bread and replacing pasta with gluten free. It took about a week but when I had a movement I was shocked that it was NORMAL!!!

The anxiety of thinking about it every time your stomach makes a noise doesn't help, trust me i know this so well!

Things do get better you just have to be a little patient and don't get too worked up about it. It is so very frustrating in the first few days as you do wonder if your doing the right thing but you will get there.

I actually ate a Chicken kebab and chips Friday night expecting the worst Saturday morning and again everything was normal!! Miracles can happen ;-)

No not anymore but if you tell your doctor what I have said they do they will know what to put you on x x

Can you take half a pill? I take Imodium occasionally, a full tablet will give me pain and bloating, but a half tablet usually does the trick.

I hadn't actually thought of that! How daft of me. Sounds like a logical thing to do - I will try it and see, thanks!


You may have be ome intolerant of a certain food group, like dairy.

The onky way to find out is to eliminate a food group from your diet for about 2/3 weeks keeping a food and bowel movement diary to see what changes there might be

Hi harrietjay,

So unfortunately you have joined the thousands of us ibs sufferers. Well, you're most certainly not alone.

Like you i cant find what sets my tummy off - diarrhoea - seems to just start. Usually when out walking my dog. Dont know if its a " no loo nearby " or what, i have to dive into the bushes !! Yes, i can laugh about it.

Regarding your holiday next week, do t worry too much. I have recently returned from Lanzarote n i always take an imodium the evening before i travel n half a tablet the morning i fly. Then when im away i see hiw things go.... But if necessary i will take imodium every other day. Ensure you eat plenty of fresh fruit n veg.

Hope u enjoy yourself just try n relax..

Ps. I always keep a discreet pack of baby wipes n spare knicks with me. Kinda like my security blanket !! ☺️

harrietjay in reply to villages2

Thanks! Good to hear that this doesn't necessarily need to take over so much that it ruins a holiday. Hopefully the relaxing well actually help ease off the symptoms, as I don't think my worrying and stressing has been helping me.

Right, I'm off to pack myself a little emergency kit with pills, undies and baby wipes!!! :)

I feel your pain I am a lot like you, I did find that sugar and gluten do make me worse, I am seeing a new dr in june a gastro and praying he can help as I am slowely losing my job. hope you find your way and feel better.

I have suffered with ibs over 40 years and each year seems to get worse. I recently heard about Silicol gel which is marvellous. I only need to take 15mls in the morning and my stomach is good all day. I can't believe what a difference there is. It is worth a try but don't take as much as they say or you will be constipated.

Hi harrietjay

Ask your doctor for a low dose of amitriptyline. They are an antidepressant but I'm a low dose can interfere with the pain receptors and reduce your pain. I take 20mg at bedtime and so far they're working. They can make you drowsy so take them about an hour before bed and any side effects you can get won't bother you because you will sleep through them.

Hope this helps :)

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