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l've been suffer with lBS for about ten years . have lost a stone in weight since last year have tried most things. also  diverticulitis. the wind is the most  debilitating issues that builds through the day and then l have try to  release it before l can get some sleep at night  l'm taking nortriptyline  to help with wind and also help me to sleep  l mostly eat fish for my main meal also lamb .   Vegetables   l try to get as much exercise. as l can because l know that helps   Irritable bowel problems also try not to get stressed . l know  that not easy  l drink herbal tea and stay away from fruit drink  my bowels   Fluctuate  so that also affect what one can eat .  l was told to eat little and often  by GP  hoping can put more weight back on but when you have these kind of indigestion it not easy to put the weight back on .

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