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Pale stools

Another tmi post, sorry guys. (Starting to realise there's no such thing as tmi here though!) 

Had a new experience this week. After a heavy bank holiday weekend drinking (it was a friends birthday) I had an awful hangover that left me in bed all the following day. I find alcohol helps relieve my anxiety which helps my ibs but the hangovers are atrocious. I was violently sick all day, couldn't keep water down and got dehydrated. Just wanted to sleep.

Self inflicted, no sympathy. 

Thing is since then I've had a couple of quite pale bowel movements not like my norm (whatever my norm is these days). A very light colour which Google tells me can be related to liver issues?! 

I'm hoping it's just an after affect of the weekend (won't be drinking again that's for sure) but if it persists I'll see a gp. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this particularly after drinking alcohol/dehydration? What does it mean? I've also been really gassy so overall a bad week :/ 

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Hi xx would think its something to do with your weekend of debauchery lol !! if this asnt happened before , dehydration maybe x i


I'm hoping that's the case although it's been nearly a week now! 


The only time I had really pale stools was when I had a blockage to my liver  caused by a gallstone which led to liver failure and jaundice.   I would say you have definitely got liver problems.  See your GP. 


Did you have any other symptoms Martha? Prior to the weekend I have never experienced this? And now I'm recovered I have no pain or anything. I was very sick and dehydrated so presumed it was an after effect of that but will totally see my gp if things don't return to normal by next week. 


Hi, if your stools are normally a normal colour, It is probably your liver getting rid of the Toxin from the alcohol. You say when you drink, it helps your anxiety, Alcohol is a well known depressant, don't go down that slippery road. And look how it made you feel the following day lol. Take care


I won't do Blue, I'm not a regular drinker. I'm a full time mum so going out often isn't an option. when I do i find a few drinks calms me down. It's definitely not worth the hangover though. 

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I had ongoing problems with gallstones but it was the liver problems caused by the gallstones being stuck that caused the pale stools so it's definitely a sign you could have liver problems   I am not a medical expert so have no idea if this happens after a bout of drinking but do take care and look after yourself X 


Pale stools was the sign which led to my doctor testing for coeliac disease, which came back positive.  Although in your case it does seem to be connected to the alcohol and liver trying to process it.  Alcohol is a gut irritant as well.  The herbal remedy Milk Thisltle is meant to be good for livers after over indulgence - might be worth investigating - you can get it in boots


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