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Hida Scan Questions?

Hi everyone. I hope this is where to ask about it. I searched communities. I have a Hida scan on Monday without CCK and was wondering if anyone has had one and their experience. I'm a little nervous because I read up on it and lying still for almost two hours sounds not too exciting but then I tell myself it could be worse. I couldn't find much on the scan without CCK, I just read a lot of people felt really bad with CCK so I'm wondering if anyone has had it without and if they still felt sick. My doctor is sending me for it because my test have shown I have hyperbiblinma ( probably spelt that wrong ). When my blood test and ultra sound and ct of them came back normal. So enough blabbing. How was your experience with a Hida scan?

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sorry but what is Hida scan and CCK.? 


Hi my Husband has had this done quite a few times when he had double kidney failure, he says when they inject the dye you feel warm, or a bit hot, and the camera will go around you taking Pictures, the procedure, is normally an hour long, and you just have to stay as still as you can. Others may say feel a bit sick, but my Hub just fealt hot. It takes a day for the substance to leave your body, your body will either naturally break it down, or you will pass it through your urine. I hope all goes well and good luck with the results. I hope this helped, take care.xx

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