The post "I wrote yesterday I thought this might encourage some of you..."....can't read your replies

SOOOOO frustrating... I sincerely THANK YOU for responding...but even though I can bring up the list (beside the little bell) that shows 6 replies...I could only bring up TWO of them... I have done everything I can...including re booting.... So please forgive me for not responding because I DO appreciate my replies... See you...MAYBE I'll be able to bring them up tomorrow. Do any of you have trouble with this site like that???

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  • Yes, Betty constantly. All of a sudden it just rights itself but it takes time (me anyway) It's soooo frustrating!!

  • Thank you, Poppygirl....appreciate your reply... makes me feel less of a Lone Ranger! :) Glad I got your reply!

  • Hi Betty, the problem I have is when I start typing replies the letters can't keep up so sometimes I type something that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If that happens to me I type my response in Word and copy and paste into my reply on the site. Seems like we have different problems.

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