Do you mourn the loss of your life before IBS?

When I received my IBS diagnosis two years ago I honestly felt like my life was over. I would never again be able to enjoy life carefree without having to worry about if my body was going to fail me at any time or would I ever be able to go to a restaurant and order any food off the menu without having anxiety about if there was anything I could eat at all. I lost the ability to eat some of my favourite foods and I lost the possibility of ever doing certain things in my future that I had planned such as travelling or going to fancy restaurants. I would forever be a burden on my friends/family as I couldn't eat where they would want to and would be deemed reclusive from turning down so many offers. I would also be living a life of illness with no chance of a cure. So faced with these facts I broke down and cried for days mourning the old me and dreading the new me to come.

Luckily once I had figured out some of my triggers I was able to gain confidence in my body a bit more and wasn't so afraid of going outside the house anymore. Nowadays I have nausea to mainly contend with but as I'm pretty much used to it I can get on with life. However, two weeks ago I had all gotten too overwhelming again. I had planned a surprise birthday weekend for my boyfriend with his family but during the family meal at his house I had an extreme bout of nausea and had to leave the meal having hardly eaten anything. I felt so self conscious about it and also sad as I had been planning it for so long. I guess the stress had gotten to me from all the planning and had affected my body. My boyfriend checked up on me upstairs to find me crying. I was so upset that my body had failed me again and that I will never lead a normal life. I'll always have to deal with my stupid body messing up when I least expect it and I miss being normal. I'm tired of living this life but it is what it is and I just need to suck it back up and deal with it.

I just wanted to know if any of you have at times just broken down about it all? Even if you were going strong like I was for nearly 2 years. Is there a point where we can fully 100% accept who we are now? I would like that to happen and not have my issues bother me but it is so hard to compare my life to what it was over two years ago when I was normal...I really wish I appreciated what I had back then.

Thanks for listening x

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  • I dont mourne my old life, because of the ibs I took to doing and learning other things, but eventually got doing the stuff I used to do as well. I seem to be able to control my ibs now, took a while to do it but I got there. I do have the bad day but I don't get it to bad now.

    you worked out triggers but did you work out things that can help you with it?

  • I'm happy that you managed to control your IBS :) I don't think I'm going to be able to get there yet as stress is one of my triggers but I'm currently studying for a PhD so I'm stressed all of the time. I hope when it's over my health will improve.

  • I get anxiety too but still manage, have you tried probiotics?

  • No I haven't. I wasn't really sure if they did anything. Have probiotics improved your IBS?

  • Yes they have helped a lot but they don't work for everyone.

  • Probiotics have really worked for me plus low FODMAP diet. Try SYMPROVE or VSL#3, latter on prescription with doctors and cheaper if a student I think. They are not a quick fix though, 6 months minimum. Good luck

  • Thanks for the advice :) x

  • Don't worry you're not alone. Learn to reduce your stress levels and then reduced anxiety will follow. I listen to hypnosis videos on YouTube for sleep and anxiety. Good exercise will help too... even if it's a bit of housework!

  • I didn't know there were hypnosis videos on YouTube. I'll have a look for some and see how they help. Thanks for the tip! x

  • Apple cider vinegar is amazing and also hav a daily Yakult but daughter takes a probiotic tablet it helps Good luck !!

  • If you feel stressed studying for your PhD, why not sit down and have a think why this stresses you so much. Stress is often fuelled by fear. What are you afraid of? Sometimes just by making a list we can see that what we are afraid of is not so terrible. You may have fears like What if I don't finish in time? What if I can't get all of my ideas together as I would want to?

    Tomorrow when you sit down to work on your PhD, do an experiment. Take the 1st principle of Reiki:

    "Just for today, I will not worry."

    Every time a "What if" or "I'm not good enough" shows up, repeat the principle in your head. Just for today, I will not worry. Ignore all the self-sabotaging thoughts like you don't feel good enough, or it's not going fast enough etc. You will be surprised that you concentrate a little better and get a bit more done.

    Do the same the next day.

    And the next.

    And you may just find you do your best work.

    Hope this helps:)


  • I have had ibs since the day I was born so I know nothing different. I think you need to find something to help you unwind if your sure stress is your biggest trigger, believe me it really isn't a bad thing you just have to adapt and deal with it and I can say it because I have had a life changing diagnosis 5 years ago and I really had to find the strength to carry on and I would definitely take ibs diagnosis over cirrhosis any day.

    Just do one day at a time less things to worry about then 😀

  • Wow I had no idea you could get IBS from birth. I'm so sorry to hear that you have cirrhosis. I hope you are ok! x

    I know what you mean about taking it a day at time. Sometimes I'm fine and it doesn't bother me but it's just days when I feel awful I'm just fed up with everything! I guess it's not everyday so I shouldn't let it bother me so much x

  • That's what we need to hear positivity and I great now had a transplant 4 months ago.

    I still eat foods that disagree with me life to short to deny yourself I do regret it the next day but like I said I enjoy one at a time, it will get easier once you pick up all your triggers but don't let it control you or your life.

  • I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well!

    I do that sometimes with dairy as my body has recently started rejecting it but I love cream so I find that hard to give up. I'm usually quite good but if I know I have a day off the next day I don't mind taking the plunge and eating some as I'll have time to recover :)

  • You are not alone. As I write this I am so sick. Im mentally and physically exhausted. Always sick:( Not many people understand what it feels like to be sick all of the time. I'm grateful for this site and brings me comfort to know that I'm not alone too.

  • I know what you mean. It's hard when those in your life do not understand how you feel. My boyfriend always tells me my IBS might go away one day but I know that's not true and it frustrates me sometimes to hear it as I know this is going to be with me the rest of my life. Yeah I'm grateful for this site too especially as people are really friendly and understanding. I hope that you feel better soon! x

  • Hi. You are still young. Your IBS may change over the years and you will find you can challenge certain foods and tolerate them in small quantities. Also I sometimes write every single thing I eat (make up an easy to use chart) for a few weeks to better identify what is a triggering episodes. I follow FODMAPS strictly to a T as all those foods are low in fermentation in the bowel. Much easier on your bowel with IBS.

    All the best. Many people are similar. Have hope!

  • I used to do a food diary when I was first diagnosed and eventually identified onions and garlic as my triggers. I think I need to start doing another one as my body is slowly rejecting other foods over time. I've never tried FODMAPs but I'm planning to one day if things get even worse. Do you find it's really restrictive or is it not too bad once you identify the foods you can eat over time?

  • This is not a terminal disease and it's something we have to live with and make the most of the rest of life

    I was diagnosed at 65 - 4 years ago - and I left dairy completely out of my diet

    Now I find that I am intolerant of soya

    I shall be doing another dairy test when my body has come to terms with his latest problem

  • Yeah I know but it's hard to enjoy things when IBS has given me anxiety about things that healthier people wouldn't bat an eyelid over. I do try to be positive when I can though :) My IBS could be a lot more worse than it already is and I'm very grateful for that.

    I try to avoid dairy too and use soya products instead. That's such a shame that you are now intolerant to soya! What other alternatives can you have?

  • I'll be trying dairy again

  • This may sound like a stupid reply, but if you have a new intolerance it probably means your body is trying to get your attention. My IBS symptoms changed quite a lot over time. I solved one problem and another one turned up. Until I got the message.

    I will be dealing with this theme over the next few weeks on my blog.


  • Oh yes i really do mourn being carefree and feel i have ruined countless birthdays christmases holidays days out and have broke down many times. I guess life goes on and we should be greatful its not a terminal illness. At least there are things we can do to try and help ourselves x

  • I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way :) I just find it frustrating that I try so hard not to be ill but my body still gets sick anyway. I guess I need to do another food diary and figure out what is going wrong but honestly I don't want to cut out anymore food from my diet x

  • Hell Yes Keh123!! You are not alone. I just turned 40yrs old a couple of weeks ago and my IBS started 22yrs ago...yes 22yrs!! I suffered a severe head injury(got smashed across the head with a bottle-it was an accident surprisingly enough)and the trauma & stress my body went through was what started my IBS. As you can imagine being young I missed out on loads of things, birthday parties, nights out, trips etc and it affected my looking for a job, as I had to go through health checks. There were days when it all got too much and I'd just cry for hours and I suffered bad bouts of depression over the years too. I hated my body with a passion, even self-harmed out of pure anger & frustration. It is an awful condition to have and so little is known about it but you learn to cope & I now fight with myself......for example if I am going out and my IBS starts I get angry and talk to body saying "No! You are not going to spoil this night for me, I have been looking forward to it for ages, so just stop it right now!!!" I sit and take some calming breathes & tell myself there is nothing to get worked up for and most of the time it eases off..but not all the time. I dont beat my body up like I used to though, I've started to see that actually my body is working really hard to deal with whats going on, and thats quite amazing. Dont know about you but I have low self-esteem and I think that often makes it worse, I've never met anyone who's super confident/has high self esteem that suffers from IBS. Dont feel bad about getting upset, it happens to the best of us even after years and as long as you have a supportive boyfriend, family & friends I am sure you will learn to cope and remember there are people out there suffering more than they say, if you put all your problems/illnesses in a pile with everbody elses you'd soon grab back your own. Take care x

  • Omg I can't believe you suffered a traumatic head injury! Thank god you are ok! It's awful how IBS just creeps up on you and appears out of nowhere. With me it was because of a job I was in where I was running a diagnostic service in a hospital lab pretty much by myself. It seems such a stupid situation for my body to just randomly change especially compared to yours! I know what you mean about it affecting jobs and stuff. I started a PhD straight after my diagnosis and I was so scared I'd have to quit even before I started. I had a lot of medical appointments at the start due to my fresh diagnosis and I have had quite a few days off because of being ill. Nowadays I try to get over my IBS attacks and go in to work after but I hate having to explain it to my boss as she's not very sympathetic...I worry about what it's going to be like when I go back into real employment! Hahaha I think I should start yelling at my body too! I also have low self esteem like you and it does make it worse. It's hard to be confident when your body doesn't function very well and it is rather an embarrassing illness to talk about! Nowadays I tend to tell people straight up about it as it effects 1:5 people so it's pretty common and I know I shouldn't feel ashamed. Thank you for your post. I hope I can feel as positive as you do about it all in my future x

  • Hi, I'm new to this community and this is my first comment. I wish it was on happier terms but in reply to your message title, really do :( I'm 23 now and i started with this 'uninvited guest' summer 2012, out of the blue. I did take for granted my good health before - not having daily pain, bloating, nausea, gas and reluctance to eat or do things, not knowing when or what was going to cause the next flare up - but it's true when they say that you don't know what you had until it's gone. I also completely agree with Ralphy38, about grabbing your own problems back when you see the amount other people are carrying.

    Ibs, it's symptoms and struggles are a drop in the ocean, but it's OUR drop and it doesn't mean our suffering isn't still important, life-altering and even sometimes debilitating. I think this site is such a good channel for sharing and in a way is like therapy. I can already tell its going to be good for me too, just knowing you're not alone is a huge thing in itself when the people directly around you want to understand but just simply can't on that same level.

    This message was longer than I intended but was mainly to say hi and also, we're with you x

  • I completely agree with you. I got diagnosed when I was 25 and I think it's a lot harder for those of us diagnosed young as we haven't had the chance to live life properly or to the fullest and to have a lot of that taken away from you before you can even have it is so hard. I put off doing a lot of things due to my studies and work life as I always thought 'I can do those things later' and now I can't do many at all and it's devastating. I would give anything to have been diagnosed later in life.

    I too get sick of the daily pain, nausea and bloating. I also have emetaphobia (fear of vomiting) so I have a lot of freak outs about the nausea if it's slightly different from usual. It's very tiring having IBS - both emotionally and physically. I am grateful I don't suffer from a more serious illness but you are right about our suffering not being unimportant.

    I hope that you can get what you need from this website. I'm glad that you feel that it is going to help you. Don't worry about the length of your message! It's good to just get all your feelings out there :) Thanks for your comment and if you ever want to talk I'm here for you x

  • Yes I agree about being younger when being diagnosed, unfortunately it's one of the many illnesses which is 'invisible', making it hard to understand for many which in turn makes it more difficult for us, feeling like you sometimes have to explain yourself at risk of not even being believed or taken seriously anyway, even by some medical professionals!

    Ibs especially seems to have such a wide spectrum so I think it's a case of trial and error for so many things and trying to work out what helps you best. I think more of us need to focus more on self care and take more time out to do whatever makes us feel better and reduces stress - whether it be sleeping more, regular massage treatment, exercise class or just reading a book in peace and quiet!

    Ah this is a little bit freaky because I also suffer from emetophobia! This horrible phobia has taken so much from me for years and I also still panic daily if I feel myself being nauseous, even though I know it happens almost every day with ibs anyway!

    I'm currently bed bound from a virus since Thursday (very very grateful I haven't been sick, just the other way, sorry for the TMI...) so I have been in anxiety mode since this started and I haven't been able to keep food in me since Thursday. I'm actually going to go and beg my GP for some help when I'm better as I really want to try hypnotherapy as I would give anything not to have the hot and cold sweats and pure fear whenever the nausea starts. I haven't shared my phobia with my doctor before and haven't actually seen anyone else about it.

    Thank you for you reply and likewise, I am here :) x

  • I know what you mean! Most people can't even tell that I feel nauseous or that I'm in pain as I don't let it show. It's only when I get a full on IBS attack where I get shaky and have chills people may notice something is wrong.

    I think lack of sleep definitely affects me but I have to get up early for work so I never really have a chance to sleep in and make sure I'll have a good day :( More self care is definitely a must!

    Omg lol. I know how you feel! I've had it for soooo long. I'm super OCD and always freak out if people are ill around me. I get nauseous every morning on the way to work and I always wonder if I'm going to be sick on the Tube or not. I just have to calm myself down and tell myself it's nothing constantly but then my mind is like 'what if?'

    Oh no! Poor you. You must have the dreaded norovirus! I'm glad that you haven't puked though. Don't worry about TMI. This is an IBS forum after all so we're all talking about stuff coming from that end lol. I'm so scared I'll catch it one day so I'm looking forward to the summer time coming when it'll be less common. Yeah you should definitely talk to your GP about it if you feel like it's that much of a burden on your life. Hopefully hypnotherapy will help you especially as you feel nauseous a lot of the time because of IBS. It would save you a lot of stress!

    I hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi Kweh123, I can certainly see why you feel the way you do. I was diagnosed with the condition in 1996 when I was 37 and initially had the pain and constipation but nothing else.

    Recently I have still been suffering with the pain but not so much the constipation but more the need to go to the toilet urgently, this is not every day but say around a couple of times a week. I am pretty sure that mine is stress as work is very stressful at the moment, so much to say I hate my job.

    Anyway, I understand you completely on how you are feeling, particularly with the nausea as I too suffer with that more than I used to, not every day luckily. I also suffer, like you, with Emetaphobia which has become worse since I had a tummy bug back in December - this was the first tummy bug I had had since I was 18!! Yes I know, I have been very lucky but it doesn't stop me worrying about getting it. I had hypnotherapy for Emetaphobia a few years ago and it did improve quite a lot - I can now see someone sick on TV without freaking out and if there is a tummy bug going round work I don't freak out as much as I used to. What I still have problems with though is in situations where I have been around people I know that have had it like my granddaughter had it in December (she was sick on the pavement on the way home from her school play) and I felt myself starting to panic inside so I left my daughter and son-in-law's house quickly. I felt so bad not staying and comforting our granddaughter.

    Luckily my husband didn't catch the bug (he panics if he feels sick or is sick but doesn't worry if there is a bug around) but I did. I am researching all the time online for a cure and found a book on Amazon which I am planning to buy - see below:

    I also read a very interesting article about it and I'm going to try and contact the writer of that article:

    I would like to wish you the very best of luck - we will get better!!


  • I always worry my IBS will suddenly be change and be worse. I know how you feel about work stress. I wish I could leave where I am but I'm stuck for another 2 years. I just hope my IBS doesn't radically change at the end of it. Is there no way you could change your job to help you feel better?

    Oh no poor you! I'm not sure if I've ever had it but I think about it all the time! Especially as I'm a scientist who works with microbes so I know too much information about it which makes it a whole lot worse. I can't watch people being sick on TV. It really annoys me that people think that's OK to show nowadays as it's disgusting. Oh my god I don't blame you for running away. I was once on the Tube and a toddler who sat next to me vomited on the floor and I felt like I wanted to die. Now I have a phobia of little kids and whenever one sits near me I start to panic. I don't want children because of it as I do not want morning sickness and I can't deal with a sick child. Luckily my boyfriend doesn't want children either so that's not going to cause problems between us. Aww your poor husband!

    Wow thanks for the links and advice :) I really hope that they make you feel better x

  • Luckily I'm in a position where I am hoping to be offered a lump sum to leave early as they are cutting the staff where I work. I will then be hoping that it's enough money for me to only work part time somewhere else.

    You mentioned that you don't want children because of the fear of being sick - interestingly whilst looking at one of the videos from the 1st link I provided above there was a women who had reached her eighties and never had children, even though she wanted them, because of her fear of being sick. She says she is now completely cured. I have looked at a few more of the videos and I am definitely going to order the book - even if it didn't work I've only spent money on a book, not therapists - they would cost so much more.

    I have two daughters and I have to say anytime that they were sick I kept them at armslength - believe it or not I never once caught a bug off my girls. The bug I had at Christmas I caught off my granddaughter, this is why I think I am stressed, I certainly feel like I am.

    I will report on here how I get on with the book.

    I really hope that you start to feel better - you are certainly not alone.

    Best of luck :) x

  • That's good! I hope they do offer you the money so you can lead a happier stress-free life!

    That's interesting! Maybe there's many women out there who don't have kids for the same reasons. Haha yeah buying the book will definitely be cheaper than a therapist! I hope it's good for you though :)

    Wow you were so lucky! My boyfriend rents a room in a house with a set of parents with a one year old and they are getting ill all of the time. They all came own with norovirus a month ago!

    Thank you! You too x

  • I really hope they do and it's looking more like it each day, I will then be looking for a job for a couple of days a week as I need to earn some money but can do without a full week's wages.

    Your poor boyfriend re renting a room where there are children, some families do tend to suffer. I really hope that your boyfriend doesn't pick up too much from then and particularly the norovirus!

    Best of luck to you x

  • I'm glad that it looks like it's going to happen! Good luck with your job search :)

    Aw thanks but he got it too that weekend and now he's got a cold from the baby lol. He'll be moving out soon so hopefully he'll be germ free from then on!

    Best of luck to you too xx

  • Thank you.

    Your poor boyfriend, a horrible thing to pick up - you must have been fretting for a while that you might catch it. So glad he's moving out, he'll be much better.

    Take care xx

  • Nah I knew I'd be fine as we're currently long distance due to our studies so when I was planning to see him it was exactly 2 weeks after he was ill so I knew he was no longer infectious lol.

    He got norovirus last year before he moved away and I refused to him see for 2 weeks. I've always told him that I will not be there to help if he's ever sick and when we buy a place together it needs two bathrooms so he can be ill in one. He probably thinks I'm crazy! x

  • Well that was good and I remember you saying that you were a fair distance apart. I'm sure he understands and yes you will definitely need 2 bathrooms - we only have one. My husband didn't catch it off me before Christmas and I didn't even wake him up - he must have been in la la land - lol!. My husband is normally a light sleeper but he actually slept that night so I was so pleased he did.


  • Hahaha lucky him! Trouble is I know how long norovirus survives on surfaces and how many viral particles it takes to make someone ill being a microbiologist so I get even more freaked out about being around people with it. I'm really surprised that he didn't get it! If one person gets it in a household everyone does. You must've had a super clean bathroom lol x

  • He certainly was. Also, when you work in the field you do, as you say, you know everything so it makes it harder. The bathroom was super clean, I used a lot of bleach that night - nothing beats bleach for germ killing! When my girls were younger they sometimes got tummy bugs, not very often though as they were actually quite healthy (I think that is down to the fact that children got out more then and didn't have x boxes etc) - I never once caught it off them and neither did my hubby. x

  • I completely understand what you mean. I wish I had appreciated my old life more and I envy my friends who can do whatever they want without any worries. Before I had IBS I went travelling but since being diagnosed with IBS I've tried to continue travelling. Things have to be slightly different and I have to be more cautious but I'm more proud of myself for getting out and doing these things. IBS is a horrible illness and can be very embarrassing at times. I've had it for 5 years and sometimes I don't think I give myself enough credit for all the 'good' days that I have and tend to focus on the negatives. Yes things have to change unfortunately but don't let it stop you from doing what you want. I can still go for food but eat much less and I'm careful with my food and I can still go travelling but will need to know where the toilets are. Try not to be so hard on yourself and think about all the things you have overcome xx

  • That's so great that you kept travelling and haven't let IBS take over your life! I need to go to Austria for work in a few months and I'm rather worried about it as I'm not sure what to eat but I booked a hotel near a few supermarkets so hopefully I can find something! Do you have any tips travelling wise? Thank you for your advice x

  • Travelling has always been a passion of mine and I refuse to give that up just because I have IBS. I usually take Imodium on my travel days so that I know that will settle me and when I'm in airports I go to the toilet as many times as I want. If you have busy days and are unsure of toilets then take Imodium (I don't take it day to day at home but if it gives me piece of mind when I'm travelling then I will). I tend to make sure I eat well and eat small amounts of food when I'm out and where possible make sure I book a room with a private bathroom, again more for piece of mind. I find stress usually makes me worse so try to relax as much as possible and enjoy your travels. Austria is beautiful and just remember if you aren't feeling well then head back to your hotel/ hostel etc and don't beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow is a new day. Try and find out whatever triggers you have and avoid them as much as you can. You can still travel but maybe with a few tweaks xx

  • Thanks for the advice! :) x

  • That's how I feel at the moment. I am really struggling with accepting my IBS and developed bad anxiety/panic attacks not all because of IBS but it is the main thing I worry about day to day. I have started some counselling and hope this will help me to accept things as well as other things from the past. dont know what kind of future lies ahead but am thankful for Imodium!! X

  • I'm sorry to hear that you are really struggling. I too suffer from anxiety which I never had before my IBS came along. Have you considered keeping a food diary to find out your triggers? This might help you relieve your stress and anxiety. I really hope that you feel better soon and that your counselling helps you xx

  • Thanks I have done in the past and also food sensitivity tests but might do another food diary as I seem to be more sensitive.

  • Ps I also have a sick phobia - made worse since my daughter started pre-school in September and picks up every germ going ahhh! X

  • Oh no poor you!! x

  • Yes I have broken down about it all - many a time. But I didn't know then just how to tackle my IBS. I didn't really understand how it worked, how the pieces fitted together. So I started to really observe what was going on. Once I understood, I got rid of my IBS (I'm still lactose and fructose intolerant from early childhood).

    I had IBS for years. Have a look at all my symptoms - maybe yours are there too:

    I started a blog to help other sufferers find their way out of IBS, and I'm writing a comprehensive self-help guide to stop IBS sufferers being passed from one specialist to another and relying on doctors and medication, while their lives are ticking by.

    For me we shouldn't be just living with IBS. IBS robs us of the best of ourselves and weakens our bodies. It takes our energy, our concentration, our potential.

    But our bodies are made to heal themselves given the right conditions and support.

    Don't mourn the past. Find the way to get your best self back and live. I didn't know it was possible, but I recovered from chronic IBS.

    I hope this inspires you,


  • Oh wow thanks for the advice. I've always wanted to do an IBS blog but I don't really have the time. Thank you for linking yours here. Hopefully it'll help me and others who come across it :) x

  • Yes all of the time.

    It seems so long ago now; but having to watch if food is reheated (in restaurants this is tricky) is difficult and periods of stress in general means that all food is off limits. I have anti spasm tablets which have helped the cramps become less often and intense once they start but still obviously results in a trip to the loo by which like a god send, ends it all.

    IBS is something people do not understand. It is not 'stomach ache' and I would not wish it on anybody full time, but those ignorant people that seem to think we are over reacting may like to experience it once or twice and I think they may soon stop with the comments.

  • Ughh the cramps are the worst! I had a bad set at work today :( I don't take anti spasm tablets though as I'm not fond of taking pills. I like to know what my body is going through plus it's pretty expensive getting them on prescription! I did try them once but they didn't really work for me. I'm glad that they're helping you though!

    I hate how people don't understand. I think they just believe that IBS means you have accidents or have an upset stomach all the time but they don't realise there are other painful annoying symptoms that take over our lives too as well as the burden of the restrictions we have to put on our lives. I'd like to see them last a week in our shoes! x

  • I think some people, especially some people I work with, and even my own nan -_- find it hard to understand how the cramp can completely knock you off your feet, like someone is twisting your stomach with a knife agony, to then nothing for a few minutes, and then back to agony.

    I understand it must look a little bit weird, but people have no right to say your a drama queen or attention seeking.. thats what makes me want to punch them, especially when they say it mid cramp!! one guy I work with said 'do you have tummy wummy ache' and if I hadnt of been working for him / unable to move I think I would have seriously hurt him!

  • Yeah I find it annoying how you explain your symptoms and people don't seem to care or appreciate how crippling they can be.

    I can't believe your co worker! How rude! I would never speak to someone like that. You should be equally as rude when he has some issue and see how he feels about it! x

  • I have had many a break down but now I found with less stress and worry my IBS has much improved. I stay well clear of Onions and Garlic as they are very bad for IBS as they have a sugar that your body finds hard to digest, I purchased a book of Amazon called Cooking for the Sensitive Gut and it is written by both a Gastroenterologist and a Nutritionist and as many great tasting recipes I was amazed what it had to offer they even have vegetarian recipes. There is loads of information about what foods you can eat and food groups and fodmap as well, it was for me a good buy. The more you worry about your symptoms the more they plague you and worsen you will find getting your stress and anxiety under control will benefit you. It's hard when your first diagnosed to get used to the tablet taking and remembering to take them before you eat and that in its self stressed me out so I decided to take charge of my life again, I only take my tablet in the morning then I go for a walk with my dog I find this helps with stress and gets me ready for a meal which I then enjoy. You have gotten into a mind set of food makes you unwell so you feel sick at the thought of it you have to grow to love food again and find what your intolerance are once you find a good balance you will find your symptoms will get better . I hope this helps and good luck

  • Onions and garlic are my triggers too! It's so hard as they're in everything and I really struggle to eat in restaurants because of it. My in-laws refuse to cook for me anymore because of it (which I find a little insensitive as I still cook for them but remove my portion before adding onions and garlic in). Thanks for the advice regarding the book. I would like to know about substitutes I could put in food as I do love cooking. I'm glad that you've found a way to de-stress yourself. Thank you so much for your advice x

  • Yes, I did mourn the loss of my previous life and did feel like bursting into tears all the time, that was because it drags you down so much!! However I have been fine for some months now and feel like I have found a miracle cure!! Try Phenergan Tablets, one an hour before bed, you will have the best sleep you have had in a long time if your IBS keeps you awake at night, its harmless in as much as its a Hayfever /Travel Sickness Tablet but also has a MILD sedative, this may help too with your nausea(sickness). Also has a CALMING affect on your Stomach the next day, I also take 1 Dose of Silicolgel before my Main meal,(not three times a day as suggested -too expensive for that, tho' Amazon is cheaper ) this way it lasts for a month - with both these medications I feel Re-Born and more and more like I used to be 10 years ago!! Good luck!!

  • Wow that's great! I'm so glad that you've found a way to successfully treat your IBS. I will look into that medicine. Thank you! x

  • I was told I had IBS over two years ago and I'm still struggling coming to terms with the fact that this is happening to me. Imodium is my best friend ATM but even that has stopped working as well as it did! Hate thinking about where the nearest toilets might be when I'm out and about and I've sat in agony to make sure when I'm out with friends that when I go.. it's only the once!

    It's comforting to read that others feel the same way..

  • I defiantly do... I was 16/17 when I got IBS and I'm 20 now. I miss being care free and I forget that other people don't have to think 'where is the nearest toilet when I go out?' 'Can I eat this?' Being worried for going on holiday and on planes because of it! I have no become the opposite of my care free self and become very stressed and anxious about everything... but that's my life now and I have to get on with it. I try to not let it hold me back and I cope with it day by day, but I do find it life limiting.

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