Hot flushes

I have found I get a flare up everytime 'that time of the month' comes along - oh the joy! I never ever used to get hot flushes but I was stood in a sleeveless top today at work whilst it was pouring with rain absolutely boiling! I nearly had to run to the bathroom to put cold water over myself - does anybody else get this and if so, what do you do to make it better? Thank you

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  • I get hot flush and nausea everyday prior to and for a short time after every bowel movement. Also my worst pains are at that time too. Not found anything which helps I'm afraid but would welcome anyone else's comments if they have any ideas.

  • 1000 mg of oil of primrose helped me greatly i am now down to 500 mg a day and doing ok , i tried all the other stuff that was on the internet spent a fortune non of it worked ,

  • You need to see a GYN. It may not be IBS as the symptoms can be the same as some GYN problems. I am now working with a GYN and it looks like I don't actually have IBS at all. Get a referral asap.

  • Please could you inform me what this could be? I have previously had a colonoscopy and nothing abnormal showed

  • Things such as adenomyosis and endometriosis can cause symptoms similar to IBS. I had colonoscopy etc and everything was normal but I noticed that flare ups seemed to happen around that time of the month so I asked to see a GYN. I am having a laparoscopy on Monday along with an ablation which will hopefully give me answers and some relief. This may not be the case for everyone but if you notice symptoms worsen or tie in to your cycle and hormonal changes such as hot flushes happen then it's worth seeing a GYN to be sure.

  • Thank you for this answer as that's exactly when my flare ups occur! I have IBS D so it's common that always causes extra toilet trips, horrible

    Migraines, hot flushes, dizziness and achy-ness! How do I get in contact with booking this, I go to my GP but they just say it's IBS!

  • You will have to go through your GP to get a referral. Let them know the problems you are having with your cycle and ask them to refer you to a GYN. If they won't do it then I would go see a new GP. I wouldn't even mention the IBS when you talk to them just stick to the problems you are having during that time of the month. Tracking your symptoms in relation to your cycle is also a good thing to do. Good luck!

  • Okay I will do this! All my GP's know I have IBS though so that part of not mentioning it will be hard! Thank you very much, GOODLUCK for yours also x

  • If you show them how the symptoms correlate to your cycle though there shouldn't be a problem x

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