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Hi, I had a free telephone consultation yesterday with somebody who said they could help me get rid of my ibs. It sounded great but worked out the overall cost of it would be in the region of £1650 over a 3 month period. There is no way that I can afford this.

I also worked with a private nutritionist a few years ago but her price has gone up to £150 per hour which I still think is a lot.

Does anybody know of anybody who is good and charges a reasonable price for advice?


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  • These prices are an absolute scam! I really loathe people who make themselves rich at the expense of those who are ill.

    Apart from that, food is only responsible for the ills of 50% of IBS-ers, so unless you're absolutely certain that it's what you're eating that's causing your problems, paying for dietary advice will be a complete waste of money. Have you had all the tests to rule out other possible causes of your problems?

    You could ask your GP for a referral to an NHS dietitian; you might have to wait a few weeks, but at least you won't have to pay.


  • Great advice Rosie - I completely agree!

  • I done the same last Monday ,by a functional medicine practitioner.

    He Skype me,and he told me ,I was to complicateing for his qualification,and he is going to get someone with more experience to talk to me.

    We never mentioned prices,but I'd guess at that price,like Rosie said he's a con artist.

    You be careful.

  • No, do not do this! Even if this person is legitimate... there are many excellent BOOKS you can buy for SOOOO much less that will help you. Sometimes the books are even more helpful than doctors... because some of them are even willing to admit that they are stumped for a 'cure.' ... they can only prescribe diets and medicines... which sometimes work, and sometimes don't...

    Maybe ask in a post for people to give you some ideas on good books about IBS that have actually HELPED them... Good luck! :)

  • Hi sam, How much it cost you ?

    how long has he been qualified in hompes method ?

    are you training in hompes method yourself ?

    Some one from administration help me please.. I'm confused why is my post saying it's been flagged as inappropriate?

    Have I done something wrong or is it a mistake 😠 or did I knock the report button by mistake lool🙈

  • so how much did you pay him to make you better and over how long ?

    how long has your guy been qualified out of interest ?

  • That sounds high!! I work online and face to face with clients. I myself have the condition so I wouldn't trust someone who just knows about diet and hasn't been through it themselves!

    I'm a certified nutritionist. Feel free to private message me. All information on my website.

  • No that's fine. I like honesty and always questions things myself as I hate to waste more time and more money. I've studied and been trained in nutrition for 15 years and I know what works because I healed myself. At the beginning I also went to countless doctors and nutritionist and surgeons and Chinese medicine too to find a solution and they had nothing to offer and they just passed me on to another doctor and so on...until I found someone who went through hell like i did and it's fine now. For example if you a drug addict the best people to go to are the ones who have been through it all themselves. Just makes sense at the end of the day. And media today is pushing so many products In Our faces just for money even though the cheapest and most natural things work. At the end of just do what you think it best for yourself.

  • Sure I charge $600hkd for a consultation for as long as that persons need not based on time. It's not a business for me its survival and feel the best you can. :-)

  • As a naturopathic nutritionist, I have worked with many clients over the years to resolve their IBS and you definitely don't need to spend hundreds of pounds to do it.

  • Forgive me if I'm wrong, but reading Samz posts throughout this thread, it almost seems as if he/she is one and the same person to whom the links (given in the first post) are pointing to.

    It all sounds like one long advert...

  • Hi Samz76, I have read through all your posts with great interest but unfortunately I couldn’t see any link to the person that healed you (it may be my PC). I see that other replies seem to indicate that they have seen the information/link to the person in one of your posts.

    Also, I would like to say that I read your post with great interest and agree that we cannot assume that someone isn’t who they say they are until you have contacted them and at least had a free telephone/face to face consultation. I agree that IBS cannot only be attributed to diet only as I know very well that if I am incredibly stressed, mine is a lot worse. I have just gone through a stressful period at work (unfortunately this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future) and my IBS was really bad for around 2 ½ weeks – I have just had some leave and feel much better (back to work tomorrow).

    Thank you also for your honesty throughout your posts.

    Good luck for your studies and for the future.


  • Thank you so so much Samz, I really appreciate it and your further response is really helpful and yes, totally agree with what you have said and where you are coming from. Research is key and something tailored to the individual is what's needed.

    Best of luck with your studies.

    Take care


  • Can you please get me the name of the person? I live in Las Vegas?

  • Hey Sam your answer to my post has disappeared ? I managed to read it before it went

    So I was intrested how much it cost you as you didn't say ?

  • Please be aware that advertising private clinics or websites is very much against the rules of Health Unlocked and risks being reported to the site organisers. We are aware that this question will elicit a response from private practitioners. However, we believe that advice from others with IBS would perhaps be a better recommendation than a clinic or health practice who is promoting their services. Please do your research fully about prices, cost effectiveness and success of treatments before you decide to go ahead. If you can speak to others who have been treated, all the better.

    The IBS Network

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