Hiya people !! If anybody out there uses Phenergan for their IBS D symptoms, can u please tell me do u take it every single day ? Or just before u have to go somewhere that u can't instantly reach a toilet !? It's just my IBS D isn't that bad that I'm in pain every day - it's just quite psychological with me and I know it sounds silly but I suffer a lot when I know I can't reach a toilet or I'm in a crowded place or things like that ...... So would I have to take it just in case I go and I'm in a situation beyond my control ?! I hope this post makes sense ?! Lol xx

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  • My problem is like yours in that I only seem to have to rush. When I can't access a toilet or am in a traffic jam etc . I don't think taking any medication helps but I do take Imodium instants if I have a bout of diarrhoea due to this anxiety.

    The best remedy for me is to try and be prepared and I also have a self help hypnotherapy course fro which has helped with methods of destressing etc.

    You can get an 'I can't wait' card which you can hand to people to explain why you desperately need to use their toilet, a key to use disabled toilets and always carry emergency wet wipes change of clothing etc. I e found being prepared takes quite a bit of the anxiety away.

  • Yes, I have a 'I cant wait card'.Being prepared is good advice.The selfhelp hypnotherapy sounds good, and glad it helps. I have been on courses for anxiety, and there are ways to help conrol it. I must try and follow advice, with relaxation etc.

  • You need a RADAR key which will open any disabled toilet in the UK

  • Hi. I dont take any medication, just peppermint capsules, that help. No, I dont get much pain, and like you if I am going anywhere, its the anxiety brings makes it feels as though I do need a toilet, especially if I am in anywhere crowded. Mornings are my worse time.

  • I am like you I just take loperamide (Imodium ) caps two first thing before anything to eat and maybe two mid morning or lunchtime helps a lot knowing you have taken something reduces the anxiety also have radar key and can't wait card but this has been refused in the past also always carry imodium instants in my purse

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