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Hi everyone,

I have been given my diagnosis since not being well for around 2 months. I sometimes cannot get to the loo in time. This is obviously distressing and I wondered if I could take immodium to help when I travel. My doctor has given me some medicine for gas/bloating but nothing else and if I can take this, how much is advisable. Thank you in advance;

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  • please discuss either with dr or pharmacist first .. especially if you are travelling cos everyone is different.. It works for me, but for me the side effect is just makes me feel now I take old fashioned kaolin chewy tablets..I also keep inI. The house diaralyte sachets ..ask about that as well.. Then you won't worry so depends on each persons individual problem what is suitable.. The sachets are to keep you hydrated if needed.. Please ask and the right advice.and you will feel more confident.. Good luck

  • Thank you for your reply. I will do as you suggest.

  • I usually travel around Europe. To be fair I have had symptoms of IBS before but very mildly. I do get stressed at times and have a daughter with special needs which keeps me on my toes. My doc seems to think it is stress related more than anything else. Two months ago I was in Amsterdam and Belgium and was okay while away. Have not visited any third world countries as usually travel around Europe.

    I think it may be an idea to get a food intolerance test done as was suggested earlier. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions.

  • Thank you for your reply. Will look into it.

  • Just for your own peace of mind, you might consider buying and wearing panty shields... I wear "Shields" that use belts...instead of Depends... (Kroger sells them in the USA) least for when you go out and are far from a bathroom... I know its no fun having to resort to this, but it beats the heck out of making a mess in your clothes and there is nothing you can do about it... Imodium 'works' for me but TOO much so... after resorting to take my ONE little capsule (after persistent bouts of diarrhea) that ONE little pill causes me to be constipated for two days...and then THAT is not fun to deal with. For some people they work great!! They take them an hour or so before a 'special event' and it will prevent problems. Good luck!

  • Thank you. I live in England so will have tolook alternatives. Thank you for your ideas. Will have to do some research.

  • My doctor advised that You can take Imodium on a regular basis long term without side effect. It works very well for me and is a big help confidence wise. Try it when you aren't going anywhere as a trial run and see how you go.

    You do also need to try to see what the root of the problem is as you need to change something lifestyle wise whether it's excess stress, food triggers or whatever. Try reading something like ibs for dummies as a starting point

  • Thank you Crowdie, You have been very helpful

  • Hi Crowdie, just to let you know I have ordered IBS for dummies this afternoon. Hopefully it will help explain a few things that my busy doctor has not time for!!!!.

  • Good luck - I found it helpful and informative because as you say gps don't have much time. this can be managed but you need to find what works best for you.

  • I was told to take Imodium 'for life' for my IBS-d, it worked very well for me. I used Imodium Instants (uk). Most evenings took a half a tablet to stop that morning rush to the loo.

    My diarrhoea has stopped completely now since I was advised to take Calcium supplements after being diagnosed with osteopenia.

  • Hi Vallie,

    Thank you for your reply. I also take calcium supplements but it has not made any difference to me. We are all different I suspect. Thank you though and I will look into Imodium instants as well. I have been given fibre gel and kolanticon gel to take. It helps with the pain and wind but not with the diarrhoea. Can you get the Imodium on prescription from the doctor?

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