Culturelle in the morning and a gluten free diet, even though I tested negative twice for celiac disease, have helped me TREMENDOUSLY... I have been suffering with IBS terribly for 25 years and have tried many things, have had tubes with cameras stuck in me from all ends and was always told nothing was wrong and no doctor could help me. This is the first time I haven't been bloated, uncomfortable and in pain since I was in my early twenties and I am 46 years old. Hope this advice will help.

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  • Thank you and well done. I think this shows that probiotics are a good thing for IBS, you just have to find the variety that suits you as everyone reacts differently.

  • Exactly, I tried so many and had no relief. The thing about Cultrelle is that it "survives stomach acid" many don't and they were useless for me..

  • I am replying now as I am thinking of buying Culturelle. I am sceptical as I have many probiotics and expensive ones and none worked. Also which one do you take as there are a few different ones. My gastroenterologist said they don't work.

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