I have had IBS D for some time now and although I used to manage a bowel movement every other day this is now getting worse (every 3-5 days) and think this may be due to taking laxatives (Senna & Ducolax) over a long period. I am trying prunes & prune juice and wonder if there are any other natural things I could try. I find if I eat too much fibre I get bad bloating & cramps.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi Nick 137

    I take the same and have the same problem, long time.. I think eating a large apple or pear late afternoon or early evening sometimes help, also eating a spoonful of raisins before my oats breakfast followed by a hot cup of tea.. This helps a bit, like you I feel that the Senna etc helps but hinders in a way and makes our insides just lazy..sort of cAtch 22 situation .. I do have lots of vegetables as well, carrots help me also.. And I drink water loads of it as well


  • Hi, have you tried milled flaxseed? I avoid wheat where possible due to bloating etc but flaxseeds are ok for me. Perhaps try them every other day to start & see how you get on? I sprinkle mine on my breakfast. Good luck.

  • Nick, what about Metamucil? Actually Prima's Psyllium husks from a health food store is much better... I know it often gives people bloating problems which can last 2 to 3 weeks, but for some, that eventually goes away.... and for quite a few people it actually DOES help them... Some have told me they use it twice a day instead of the 'just at bedtime' routine. Skip the capsules...take the husks in 8 oz of tepid water... works much better.

    Good luck. :)

    PS: Oh!...and as Hather said MUCH water...tea, coffee, pop, none of those things count... drink at LEAST 40 oz per day... I am back to doing that and it IS helping!

  • Have you tried Movicol? (Miralax)

  • Did you try the magnesium citrate tablets?

  • Hi there try garlic and parsley tablets for a while and see if any improvement.

  • Thanks for your help everyone, the magnesium citrate is not helping but did have a good few prunes yesterday and a large prune juice at bedtime and this morning had some "movement" so will carry on with the prunes and maybe try some of your suggestions above.

    Thanks again.

    N I c k

  • Hi, magnesium citrate, pears, and dates work for me 😃

  • we were advised to eat dried mango or apricots. The reason for dried is because you can eat more of them before you are full up.

    Hope you get some relief.

  • You can think of trying psyllium husk powder, all natural.

    Good Luck!

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