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I have had IBS D for some time now and although I used to manage a bowel movement every other day this is now getting worse (every 3-5 days) and think this may be due to taking laxatives (Senna & Ducolax) over a long period. I am trying prunes & prune juice and wonder if there are any other natural things I could try. I find if I eat too much fibre I get bad bloating & cramps.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi Nick 137

I take the same and have the same problem, long time.. I think eating a large apple or pear late afternoon or early evening sometimes help, also eating a spoonful of raisins before my oats breakfast followed by a hot cup of tea.. This helps a bit, like you I feel that the Senna etc helps but hinders in a way and makes our insides just lazy..sort of cAtch 22 situation .. I do have lots of vegetables as well, carrots help me also.. And I drink water loads of it as well


Hi, have you tried milled flaxseed? I avoid wheat where possible due to bloating etc but flaxseeds are ok for me. Perhaps try them every other day to start & see how you get on? I sprinkle mine on my breakfast. Good luck.

Nick, what about Metamucil? Actually Prima's Psyllium husks from a health food store is much better... I know it often gives people bloating problems which can last 2 to 3 weeks, but for some, that eventually goes away.... and for quite a few people it actually DOES help them... Some have told me they use it twice a day instead of the 'just at bedtime' routine. Skip the capsules...take the husks in 8 oz of tepid water... works much better.

Good luck. :)

PS: Oh!...and as Hather said MUCH water...tea, coffee, pop, none of those things count... drink at LEAST 40 oz per day... I am back to doing that and it IS helping!

Have you tried Movicol? (Miralax)

Did you try the magnesium citrate tablets?

Hi there try garlic and parsley tablets for a while and see if any improvement.

Thanks for your help everyone, the magnesium citrate is not helping but did have a good few prunes yesterday and a large prune juice at bedtime and this morning had some "movement" so will carry on with the prunes and maybe try some of your suggestions above.

Thanks again.

N I c k

Hi, magnesium citrate, pears, and dates work for me 😃


we were advised to eat dried mango or apricots. The reason for dried is because you can eat more of them before you are full up.

Hope you get some relief.

You can think of trying psyllium husk powder, all natural.

Good Luck!

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