Still constipated

Well after my eureka moment last Monday when I went! After 21 days off constipation things have stopped again. I haven't been now for 6 days I've been taking the magnesium citrate up to1600 mgs in one day. I'm now concentrating on drinking much more water to see if that helps.

I took a diary of my lack of movements and all the laxatives I've taken but as I'd had a bm that morning he didn't seem interested. He was more interested in the pain medication I take for my fibromyalgia.

No offer of further investigation. It takes about 3 weeks to get an appointment so I guess I'll just have to suffer and chuck more useless laxatives down my neck.

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  • Hi,Don't wait so long,6days is quite long enough. Have you been offered them Micralax micro Enema,or have you tried Normacol,that's a natural fibre and when I was like you that was my saviour,it's expensive so try and get a prescription.

    Good Luck.

  • Just wanted to sympathise really - I spent part of yesterday thinking I might have a heart attack as I was straining so much!

    Have you tried glycerine suppositories? I know the idea of using them isn`t very pleasant but I do find they get things moving at the "business end". Putting it bluntly, I find that if you can shift the end bit the rest follows more easily!

  • Agree!

  • Does the lack of ' going' cause you pain or just anxiety because some people just dont go every day.

    I have used movicol prescribed by gp and that worked and you can regulate the quantity to suit personal needs

  • Try VSL#3 and also massage iliocecal vakve, it worked for me almost immediately

  • Hi

    Sounds like you need to change doctors, constipation can be so painful, have you tried movicol? I don't like having to take it but every few months I have to take 8 sachets within 6 hours over 2 days only problem is you need to stay near the loo,also the micro enema is good too (also amazon sell them ).

    Hopefully you will get sorted soon.

  • Hi glochidia

    I am just the same this is what I do and it usually works.

    If I don't go for 2 days I start taking Laxido one satchet twice a day.If I still haven't been after 4 days I use glycerin suppos or a micralex enema.That works for me usually.

    Good luck.

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