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Nausea with ibs

I wrote some months ago about the need to vomit when I had an attack of Ibs...well I waited for months to see the doctor of my choice who recommended I had a nuclear test which involved eating a small amount of radio active potato then lying on a bed for 90 mins whilst they monitored its progress through my intestine. The whole process was painless although they told me not to go near children for 24 hours after the procedure! But in the meantime the doctor told me to eat live yogurt with brown linseed (not the oil) and have peppermint oil 30 minutes before a meal. Not a medication in sight. This NHS doctor doesn't feel the medicine/drug route is the way forward necessarily and nor do I.

I await my results and will update . Meanwhile love to all!

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Avoid linseed seeds if you have probs with fibre nuts and pulses


Best to stay away from any antibiotics if possible. Try the natural methods, such as peppermint oil is best to relieve intestinal pain. healthunlocked.com/theibsne...


i get absolutely AWFUL nausea with my ibs (woke me up at 4am this morn), absolutely hate it, even threw up a few days ago as a result. whenever i get like this i drink A LOT of ginger tea, i find it helps :) good luck with the results!


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