Small gallstones

After my ultra sound I was told I he could see two small stones, when I said that was better than large ones he said not necessarily so...I have to go back for scan results next week, are their any questions I should be asking..

I get sharp pain under my right rib sometimes, and sometimes when I bend or stretch..I also get lot of reflex at night, but I don't seem to suffer pain from different foods,

I am 80 years old this is my first post so apologies if I am not doing it correctly


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  • You have done just fine on posting here, the reason for your doctors reply is that little stones can travel into ducts and cause pain and problems, it is better to get them removed to avoid issues. Wishing you well.

  • Thank you denvajade for replying to my first post, off to my GP on Tuesday to discuss the results.

    This seems to be an informative site to get opinions and realise that other people have similar concerns and seem very friendly, which will make it easier to understand more when discussing medical things with my GP as the appointments are usually about 10 minutes only.


  • O hope all goes well for you. I was only 22 years old and had 27 gallstones, quite a shock as is usually over 40 year olds who get them? You will find this site friendly and informative. X

  • Hi Hather, For a first post yes you've done really well.

    I would just like to tell you I'm 72yrs old,about 15yrs ago,I had a scan ,and I was told by the technician,that I had a lot of stones,but people can live with them all there lives without a problem. When I seen my Gastrologist,he said my gall bladder needed to come out. So because at that time I didn't have this sort of thing(forums) I took his word. Now I don't want to worry you,but if there's any other way to keep your gall bladder I would.

    I've had gastro problems ever since,I never go a day without daily pain. There's nothing to say that everybody's the same,as all our bodies are different.

    But if they suggest it to you,just look down every avenue first.

    I don't know if you've had a colonoscopy,but your pain could just be due to polyps .

    Take care and as I say look into every avenue.x

  • Gemini71 you are just a baby I am 80 lol, yes I've had endoscopy virtual colonoscopy , ultrasound the most recent. I don't do ops that well I had this hernia on the op scar for the bowel had that repaired 90 minutes with only local sedation, as after the bowel for the first time my leg swelled right up and I insisted on a further scan to ensure it wasn't a clot, I had to fight for it and ave 5 days heparin injections first, luckily no clot. But scary.

    Both my sister and daughter have had their gall bladders removed, my sister was ok but my daughter also had hiatus hernia op, and has had a few immune. Problems since. . So I'll see what Dr says on Tuesday, but I'll bear your comments in mind and thank you.. Maybe it's sort of Ibs as well.

    Hather x

  • Hather,I most certainly don't feel like a baby,I feel 90yrs old,but I don't do ops very well,due to Emphesema ,I can't take anaesthetic anymore,so I can see your concern. I must say I had a gall stones can be very painful. So it's worth Haveing checked out.

  • Gemini 71,

    I hope you didn't think I was being flippant, and having Emphesema as well must really very distressing for you .. I think anaesthetics are scary and I am more scared of that than any op, would always prefer injections or local sedation that's for sure. So I hope you have some better days and send my best wishes

    Hather x

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