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Ibs this could help!

Hi everyone,

I thought i would offer my experience as i have suffered for 12 years now! My ibs use to be so bad i was bend over most the time and dont even get me started with trying to leave the house! It was a nightmare! The reason for the bloating is bad bacteria in your gut, but a simple capsule of good bacteria is not enough.

I am one of the unlucky buggers who has ibs-c and the runs! The day i started with lepicol digestive enzymes, well the emprovement was noticeable the next day! I strongly suggest you try it, just go on amazon and its cheap as chips!

The bloating is the bad bacteria eating your food and producing gas, lepicol will sort this. I dont follow the label as i have 2 tea spoons before bed.

Artichoke is great to take is well! And so is apple cider vinegar with mother, add a desert spoon of acv to a full glass of water, i warn you it tastes like crap until your use to it.

If you suffer from dieorrea and you have tried all tests. Chances are you have parasites, there is two types that are really nasty and attack the nerves in your colon and give you so many different symptoms you wont believe! Even anxiety! Imfact im going to get myself a test as i have been meaning to do this. As mine started 2 years after i went to greece and parasites can live in your body for over 10 years.

Dont go to your doctor tho as the nhs dont test for these two bad parasites, crazy i know. But lets face it there is a lot of money these drug companies make with false hope. So get it tested privately or a home test.

I think alot of people dont have a clue where to start. So get a food allergy test and dont waste time trying to eliminate foods yourself. Get a stool test and camera up the bum, so you can rule out colitis! Then if you suffer from pain and bloating get lepicol and if its just bad poops then test for parasites.

Try laying on the floor with your arms by your side and feet together looking at the ceiling. Do this in silence for 5 mins every morning before you start your day!

I hope this will be helpful for everyone! Good luck


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I thought i should add that if you have urgency but its like sludge or your a popcorn maker with pellets! Sorry couldn't resist. This is what i had and the lepicol digestive enzymes helped and im fine 99% of days now!

I do still suffer abit with urgency but as i say i think its parasites.


Sounds really interesting, has anyone else tried this? X


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