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Mag Phos

Has anyone tried Mag Phos for pain and spasms .I have given up with GP and addictive pain killers.I looked into this as an alternative ,and I am surprised at how I am feeling now.Its early days but I the spasms are certainly not as painful.I didt realise how important tissue salts are to our body.I did all the I B S stuff before being told it was bulging dics,and nothing can be done ,other than I learn to live with the pain ,and go to anger management ,yes that is what I was told.Anyhow give it a try ,what have you got to lose ,it could help you too .Read up on Mag Phos or tissue salts in general.

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I have been taking magnesium for chronic bad pain in my legs and I seem to be noticing an improvement! Of course this came from me and not from entirely unhelpful doctors. Good luck feeling better.


I am so excited I have done a whole days work with very little pain,I am just taking 4 a day now ,the label said this is a maintenance dose .I will go and talk to my GP ,when im in the right frame of mind ,and try and get some answers,Im not ready to do that yet,Im still a little cross with them.Good luck ,good health

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hi,very interested in trying this,I have been taking magnesium citrate for years for the constipation side of my IBS and it has been lifesaver but I still suffer terrible cramps does mag phos cause any diarhea?how many do you take and do you take it every day.I give anything a try,Thanks x


Hi I have been taking them for 4 days and the change is remarkable,I did a full days work today ,first time in months.I feel good I woke up anxuous that there would be a set back ,I couldnt bare that ,but no everything is still great .The first 2 days I did what it said on label take them every 30 mins till pain goes ,I will say when I took them I had an incredible rush of pain in my normal pain area ,this subsided very quickly ,and this happened 3 more times .Today I have taken 4 ,my last one just now (this is what they reccomend as a daily maintenance dose ,and I will continue this way.On the site it did say they will only work if your pain is relieved with heat ,eg hot pack or bath ,and this is me exactly .

I have had no problems with diarhea at all,and the amount I took first 2 days I think would have affected me by now.

I know we will try anything to get some pain relief ,it is so dabilitating .For me the speedy result is outstanding.By the way now im taking just 4 a day I didnt get the rush of pain like the first 2 days,today has been so SMOOTH and comfortable,I know its early days ,and I will be devastated if I have a set back,but the change in my days so quickly,makes me think my body was having spasms because these minerals were missing in my diet .Why didnt my G P think outside the box,Im guessing as ususal they dont have the time or understanding of what pain is doing to us .Good luck,I hope you get the result I have. I got mine Holland & Barret ,Schuessler Tissue Salts Mag Phos 8. Feel free to contactme anytime.


Thank you,I will try them, hope they continue to work for you,x


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