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Healing your gut with fermented foods

Healing your gut with fermented foods

Hello. I just wanted to share a post I recently wrote regarding bacteria and gut health. It's not sponsored and I was given the products to try by a friend. They are my true opinions and tips so check out the link below. Maybe it can help you. coconutandwhat.com/2015/10/...

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Even the most dedicated of gut microbiogists will admit that no one is quite sure what a healthy gut Microbiome looks like much less what to feed it. In my one individual case it is an overgrowth of Candida albicans that will put my so called IBS off the charts. Nothing agrees when the candida is up in numbers. When it retreats then everything agrees even junk food. Then I'm left with what I call baseline IBS which is slow motility. Slower than the average bear at least and the lack of proper peristaltic waves is probably what allows the candida to overgrow in the first place. Candida is a formidable foe that resides inside a near impenetrable mucous coating called a biofilm. I find that I have to take biofilm busters in addition to prescription nystatin to get the critters under control. I've heard SIBO can be just as tough to eradicate. I was tested for sibo twice and both times negative. In my battle with Candida it seems that the fatigue is always the last symptom to go. And I'm not even sure that the Candida is the root cause of the fatigue. But it sure seems to cause food not to agree. It's really wonderful to eat a meal and not feel sick. It's a long hard road with a lot of missteps. My point being is that I do not believe the substances you mention will put a dent in most people's gut problems


I used to get really bad candida like it was horrible with all the other symptoms as soon as really increased my probiotic content in my gut completely avoiding any antibiotics using garlic suppositories and cutting out sugar and carbs it will help. Most people find cure this way.


Thanks for that information. Will give it a look.


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