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Hi,I've been diagnosed with IBS and had it for 8 years. I am on my 4th medication which I thought was working but then I had a flare up. I have

horrendous stomach pain,in some cases has me near to passing out,I only get relief when my bowels are empty plus I stop eating so I don't have anymore pain. My doctor has said I should also be on painkillers as well as my pills for IBS,does any one know if it can be anything more than IBS.

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Hi Senga,

It could be more than IBS however without further tests theres no way to tell. If i were you i would ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist so that further tests can be carrie dout. I have IBS but have never experienced such an intense pain as you have described.


Hi Ivesy,

I went to my GP and demand a scan or ultrasound to see if there was something more wrong with me than IBS. Got camera test and told everything is fine,but they don't know how I get so much severe pain.forward. I'm still no further forward.


My GP sent me for camera scans on bowels and stomach to rule out anything untowards! Thankfully, given an all clear. So it's still IBS-c, I'm suffering with. The gastero-ent consultant has recently put me on medication called Linaclotide, which he said is a new drug. Also on Omeprazole 40mg a day. He advised also for me to try a "low-FODMAP diet" which is avoiding certain foods which exacerbate IBS symptoms.

I hope this gives you some 'food for thought'. Sorry!!!

Kind regards, Ann.


I have had IBS for about 20 years. For the past few have had no major flare up unless I eat a trigger, one of the worst for me is rice. Avocados are bad too! Last night, 5 am had a bad attack in the night, sharp pain in the usual place, just below tummy button to the right. Took my medication for the first time in years and finally slept again. Today feeling like a wet paper hanky! The past week have had lots of the usual wind both ends. Yes the pain can be horrendous. Spasifon is very good for a quick pain relief.


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