Hi Guys, need your advice. As previously documented i have been diagnosed with post infectious IBS. I have had the following tests in the past 5 years. Stool tests, Blood tests, upper endoscopy, 2 x colonoscopy, 1 x CT colonoscopy. My main symptoms are stomach uncomfortability and persistent nausea, no energy, depression symptoms, no appetite.

Ive had about enough so am going to request some more tests including, upper endoscopy (the last one was almost 5 years ago), breath test (i have read a lot about SIBO and think it might be causing my problems) and tests for deficiency (i suspect i am deficient in a number of nutrients/vitamins). Can anyone recommed anything else that i should request? I figure if im making my way there i may as well request it all.

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  • Hi ivesy.im sorry i cant help you on what you ask.i just sympathise with you because i have some of the symotoms you say you have.i got now i struggke to eat cos no appetite for about a year now n lost 2 stone cos of it.now when i have lunch what ever it is im getting pains now to.i have enough of pains waking me up every morning bout 6 to 6 30.its begining to get me down big time.what ever my dr has given me hasnt helped.im waiting for some test results.i have the constipation sort n if i cant have a bm its worse.i just want it to stop now.good luck with yourself.

  • Can i ask do u have a aching pain in your rectum like you need to go to toilet

  • If you have diarrhoea you could ask for a SeHCAT test to check for bile acid disorder as this presents very similar symptoms to IBS. Also, an MRI defecating proctogram (lol) is another useful procedure.


  • hi

    blood .urine tests. will tell you if low on vitamins etc. i found i was low on vit d.are you hyper mobile-ie double jointed. can be cause if exhaustion.


  • I had a barium enema X-ray as well

  • My Dr. wants me to have this text done but I am afraid to do it.

  • There is nothing to be afraid of. It is a bit embarrassing obviously but nothing painful at all. Same prep as for colonoscopy to empty you out beforehand. Do get it done as it just puts your mind at rest that you don't have anything life threatening wrong with you.

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